Attack on Titan Unveils Fancy Event Collab With Wedding Company

Attack on Titan Wedding Levi
Credit: Hajime Isayama / Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

Attack on Titan Wedding Levi
Credit: Hajime Isayama / Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

The Attack on Titan anime might be over, but that doesn’t mean the series will quietly fade away. Recently, Attack on Titan announced a surprising collab with the wedding event company Escrit in Japan.

This crossover was revealed via the event’s official website and X (formerly Twitter) account. There, details about what to expect were shared, along with the event dates and venues.

Even though it’s a collab with a wedding company, this event won’t be an Attack on Titan-themed wedding. Still, it should be worth a look for series fans in Japan.

Attack on Titan’s New Collab Is With Wedding Company Escrit

Despite being a dark and grim series, Attack on Titan is no stranger to adorable collabs. For instance, the series teamed up before with Sanrio for a collection of adorable merch.

Now, the anime has another surprise crossover, this time with Escrit, a company in Japan that specializes in fancy wedding planning.

Similar to most anime collabs, this one features a new visual featuring Levi, Eren, and Erwin.

Instead of their typical serious looks and outfits, the three wear fancy green outfits that are straight out of an old-school shojo anime.

Even though it’s a collab with Escrit, this event will not feature Attack on Titan-themed wedding packages. On the flip side, it won’t just feature a merch lineup like other crossovers.

Instead, this collaboration features exclusive food items, a themed hotel, and a merch line.

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What to Expect in the Attack on Titan x Escrit Sweet Party Collab

The highlight of this collab is a special dinner that will be held in select locations in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya.

There will be three types of dinner options: a dessert set, a café-style plate, and a full-course meal. All of the items in these dinner options come with collectible goods.

If the food isn’t enough, fans can also stay in a special Eren or Levi-themed hotel room. These rooms will only be available in the Yokohama and Nagoya venues.

These won’t be cheap by Japanese standards though, as each room will be priced at JPY 30,800 (around USD 200) per night.

Finally, there will be a bunch of exclusive merch such as acrylic stands, pin badges, clear files, and more. All the merch features the collab’s key visual.

The Attack on Titan x Escrit Sweet Party collab will take place at the following venues:

  • Laguna Veil Atelier Hulic in Shibuya, Tokyo – February 10 to 12
  • Almarian Tokyo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo – February 15 to March 10
  • Laguna Veil Osaka in Dojima, Osaka – February 10 to March 10
  • Laguna Veil Premier in Umeda, Osaka – February 26 to March 1
  • Laguna Suite Shin-Yokohama – February 10 to March 10
  • Laguna Suite Nagoya – February 10 to March 10

As with most anime event collabs, this crossover will be a Japan-only event.

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