Antony Starr Net Worth: The Beginning Of The Boys Star’s Career

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Antony Starr is now conquering the small screens with his role as Homelander in the hit Amazon Prime series The Boys. But long before the New Zealand actor played Superman’s parody, he had been in the entertainment business since the 1990s.

From doing small roles back then, Antony Starr now plays major TV characters. So, how did he start in the industry, and how much net worth has he already amassed?

The Start of Antony Starr’s Career


The 46-year-old star started with a small part in Shortland Street and guest roles in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in the 1990s.

He then had a guest role in Mercy Peak that lasted for three seasons, followed by a major role in Hard Out.

He continued to do guest roles in P.E.T. Detectives, Street Legal and Serial Killers. His big break came when he did the twin roles of Van and Jethro in Outrageous Fortune, winning the 2007 Air New Zealand Screen Award for Performance by an Actor and the Best Actor awards from Qantas Television and the Asian TV Awards.

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TV Guide readers also voted him Best Actor in the 2007 TV Guide Best on the Box People’s Choice Awards.

From there, he started doing the TV series Banshee, his first U.S. TV role. Several projects followed it until he landed the role of Homelander in The Boys, starting in 2019.

With these works, Antony Starr has already amassed a net worth of $2 million per Celebrity Net Worth.


Antony Starr as X-Men Wolverine

Meanwhile, as Antony Starr has proven his ability to play a superhero role, fans seem to want to see him taking the part of X-Men’s Wolverine.

Though Homelander is not everyone’s typical superhero, having Superman’s power but without the integrity, many have still loved him for this role.

He has effortlessly perfected his craft, showing intense scenes in every new episode.

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With that said, according to Movieweb, fans want to see him as Wolverine. In the 14 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, the X-Men characters are yet to make their official appearance due to Marvel and Fox’s deal.

But now that Disney has acquired Fox and after the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the likes of Wolverine, Cyclops and more can now join the MCU, and it would begin with Deadpool 3.


So, with the mutants' return, fans requested on social media to see Antony Starr as Logan, aka Wolverine.

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The actor responded to the request, saying, “Ooofff,- my bones ache just thinking of the stunk work!"

So, will fans see Antony Starr as Wolverine? It may depend on Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President, and the MCU.

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