American Born Chinese Star Explains Why Mandarin Was Necessary in Disney+ Show

Credit: Disney+

Credit: Disney+

There is little doubt that American Born Chinese is different from most comic book shows on Disney+ because of its deep roots in Chinese folklore. In addition to that, Daniel Wu explains that it was necessary for most of the dialogue to be in the Mandarin language.

Daniel Wu Discusses the Importance of Mandarin in American Born Chinese

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Credit: Disney+

Daniel Wu played Sun Wukong aka the Monkey King in the series. He recently spoke to Collider about working on American Born Chinese and he revealed that the script was bilingual just like the show.

"The script came as you see it, so whatever was in Mandarin is written in Mandarin and then whatever is in English is in English," Wu said. "And I really think that that's what delivers the authentic experience of this show, right?"

"It really does show the authenticity of the immigrant experience and what it's like to be second generation, and try to fit in where you have this dual language going on in your household, right?" he continued.

"Your parents maybe speaking to you in one language, you speak back in English," Wu added. "And then, with the mythological characters, it made a lot of sense for when they're in heaven that they're speaking Chinese, but when they're down on Earth in America, they're speaking English because they're adaptable, they can do all that."

"So I think it's pretty seamless, and it makes a lot of sense," he stated.

It certainly does and it works perfectly for the series. It was also awesome to see how easily the characters would switch between languages, which was essential in a show called American Born Chinese.

But will there be a second season? For now, Disney+ has not yet renewed the series. However, there is a huge chance that American Born Chinese Season 2 will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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