Amber Heard Shock: Johnny Depp's Ex Reportedly Could End Up In Jail If Convicted Of Perjury After Admitting She Hasn't Donated Divorce Money

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's legal battle continues years after their divorce. Legal experts believed she might face a perjury probe, but if charged and convicted, she could end up behind bars.

Amber Heard Allegedly Committed Perjury After Statements In U.K. Court

The Aquaman star took the stand Monday, and she was cross-examined by one of Johnny Depp's lawyers, Camille Vasquez. The attorney asked Amber Heard if she donated the entire $7 million divorce settlement from Depp as she promised.


Vasquez quoted Heard's statement when she guessed on a TV show that she had "donated the entire divorce settlement to charity" because she wanted "nothing" from it. The London Fields star also testified in the U.K. High Court when Depp sued British tabloid The Sun for libel for calling him a "wife-beater," saying she already donated the money.

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However, in the trial in Virginia, when Vasquez clarified she wanted to know if the money was "donated" and not "pledged," Heard admitted she hadn't donated it yet because Depp sued her.

Immediately, several netizens accused Heard of perjury because her admission that the money wasn't donated yet was in contrast to what she said when she testified in the high court of the U.K. So, the netizens accused her of committing perjury in the U.K.

"If all previous statements are admitted, then I just can't see how #AmberHeard avoids perjury in the cross-examination," Asjad Nazir tweeted.

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Amber Heard May Face Perjury Probe, Can End Up Behind Bars If Charged And Convicted


George Freeman of the Media Law Resource Center spoke with  Fox News Digital and explained that Amber Heard could not go to jail in the ongoing trial in Virginia because it's just a civil case.

"The only way what happened so far in Virginia could lead to jail is if she’s accused and convicted of perjury, which there has been no official accusation of and which seems quite remote," Freeman added.

Meanwhile, Sean Caulfield, a partner at law firm Hodge, Jones and Allen, weighed in on Heard's legal battle after many accused her of committing perjury.

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"Yes, I think so," Caulfield told Daily Mail when asked for his opinion if police would investigate the perjury claim. "While it may not be a central issue to the case [the donations], perjury is the single biggest threat and cuts to the core of our justice system, so the police may be invited to investigate to show that any member of the public who lies to the court can be prosecuted for perjury."

However, he reminded the public that perjury is not the "central issue" in Depp and Heard's ongoing trial. But if the Pirates of the Caribbean star's team want to picture Heard keeping the money, then it could be.

However, the perjury case is difficult to prove because it is "always central that people do not perjure themselves." While it's easy to prove whether the money has been donated or not, proving that she deliberately lied as opposed to being confused or misremembering is not as easy.


Another legal expert, Mark Stephens, agreed that a perjury case is "notoriously difficult" to bring and prosecute.

Also, Caulfield noted that the concern was about Heard allegedly committing perjury in the U.K., and if the CPS authorizes a charge, she had to be "extradited," and for him, it's unlikely to happen because she is a U.S. resident.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's legal battle.

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