25 Epic Moments in Peacemaker Season 1

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When Peacemaker has been announced to have a spin-off series, the decision had felt questionable. Why of all of the characters in The Suicide Squad, why pick the irredeemable one rewarded with his own series? At the time, the answer seems to be because he is played by the recognizable John Cena.

While that maybe be one of the reasons that Peacemaker has been greenlit, the decision turn out to be a very good one. The challenge of making a Peacemaker is the question of how to make a mass-murdering fascist, sexist, and borderline-racist be sympathetic enough to headline his own series.

With a mind like James Gunn, and with a surprising range of John Cena, that question has been answered - Not only is Peacemaker's backstory so sympathetic, it will break your heart.


The comedy is low-brow, but it is so funny. Freddie Stroma especially is the breakout comedian as Vigilante. The soundtrack is just as ever the amazing and eclectic selection of retro songs that James Gunn is known for.

Now that season 2 has just been announced with James Gunn directing and writing every episode of it, man, are we in for more treats. To celebrate a great season yet to come, here is season 1's epic moments.


  1. The Press Conference - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    What no one sees coming, is a scene where Adebayo stands in front of the press, exposing the top-secret butterfly mission and exposing the operations of Task Force X. We see Peacemaker, watching the TV, surprised but proud of Adebayo for doing this. In one swell swoop, Adebayo exposed her mother's wrongdoings and redeemed Peacemaker and Vigilante in the eyes of the law.

    The cherry on the cake is a cameo of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, watching the TV in complete shock at what her daughter is doing.

  2. Peacemaker Cries Like a Child - Episode 2 Best Friends for Never

    After a very long day, Peacemaker goes home, plays some music, and lies on his bed. Just when we thought this is some moment of quiet contemplation, Peacemaker suddenly cries. Not the manly type of crying, he cries like a screaming child.

    It acts as a reveal of Peacemaker's character that is heartbreaking, not only is he a manchild, he also has insecurities that everybody hates him and all the criticism about his moral character does not just go in one ear and out other. He may try to act like some tough frat boy that speaks to everyone like they are beneath him, but deep down it hurts him that he cannot get along with anybody. The irony is, that he does have a friend in Vigilante, he just does not consider him as such.

    The funny thing is, it turns out Vigilate is watching him from the window, and when Peacemaker found out, he hides his crying like he is just got caught watching porn. He then passes off his crying as face muscle exercise, to which Vigilante believes him.

  3. Peacemaker Sings and Dance Wearing Only Underwear - Episode 1 A Whole New Whirled

    Everybody remembers the scene with Peacemaker in his tighty whities in The Suicide Squad. Well, the second time's the charm. When Peacemaker sees a Quireboys album in the music collection of the girl he just slept with, he danced and sing seriously to the tune of "I Don't Love You Anymore" in his tighty whities once again, this time using a dildo as a microphone. apparently, Peacemaker has only two styles of fashion.

    Seeing an overgrown muscled man dancing in his underwear and a dildo is always funny. Especially when there is no effort to hide his bulge. Thank James Gun for his love of needle drops and exquisite soundtrack selection for making this scene happen.

  4. The Team Battles with a Gorilla - Episode 5 Monkey Dory

    In the episode's cold open, the team are watching a PowerPoint presentation to put everyone up to speed on their next mission. One of the slides shows a man next to a chimpanzee, as a way for Economos to show the team that the Butterflies have four times the strength of an average human. When the team goes to the mission, it turns out that joke was foreshadowing.

    When the team went to the enemy facility, they encountered a Butterfly that has a host that is a gorilla. The team tries to fight it together, but the gorilla manhandles them with its overpowering strength.

    The CGI, like that of Eagly, is very realistic right down to the facial expression. It keeps on moving, and it really does feel like the team is fighting an actual gorilla that is in the room.

    Then as the gorilla is about to kill Peacemaker, Economos suddenly appeared from behind, killing the gorilla with a chainsaw. It is a wonderful finish that cuts the tension between Economos and Peacemaker, after their constant fighting.

    At this moment, Peacemaker praises Economos and calls him by his real name for the first time instead of the insulting nickname of Dye-Beard.

  5. Eagly Hugs Peacemaker - Episode 1 A Whole New Whirled

    Meet Eagly, Peacemaker's pet, and sidekick. He does not have a dog named Doggy, and a daughter named Daughtery, but he sure has an eagle named Eagly.

    When Peacemaker went to jail, he left Eagly to the care of his father. Now that Peacemaker is back, he went to his father's house to see Eagly. Eagly is so excited to see Peacemaker, he chirps like he is a child who has just seen his father's return. Then the unexpected happened - Eagly hugged Peacemaker. Peacemaker's reaction is like he just experienced a miracle. If you have never seen an eagle hug a guy, then now might be the time to watch Peacemaker.

  6. The Police Chase Peacemaker and Vigilante Through a Forest - Episode 6 Murn After Reading

    The Police Force has known that they needed to take action in arresting Peacemaker for a while, and now they are taking it. They surround Peacemaker's trailer, but because Peacemaker got a warning from the team, he, Vigilante, and Eagly got away from the trailer with the Butterfly in a jar.

    Unfortunately, they are spotted by Detective Song trying to escape through the trees. The Butterfly they name Goff possesses Detective Song, and we say goodbye to her character as the body puppet walking now is a Butterfly.

    When the other cops spot Peacemaker and Vigilante, our heroes enter the forest and the cops move fast to chase them. What really makes this scene is because Eagly turns out to be a badass. Every time a cop gets near Peacemaker and Vigilante, Eagly charges and tackles the cops to the ground, poking at them with its beak in a graphic bloody way.

  7. Peacemaker Brought an X-Ray Helmet to a Gun Fight - Episode 5 Monkey Dory

    In episode 4, Peacemaker retrieved a helmet from his dad's interdimensional closet, but it was not shown what it does, until now.

    The team infiltrates the facility of the Glan Tie Bottling Company after realizing it must be a facility being used by the Butterflies. While Harcourt and Vigilante sneak in from the back, Adebayo and Peacemaker go to the front door to question the employees and find out what they can. Adebayo is about to talk to the receptionist, but without warning, Peacemaker brutally shoots the Receptionist on the head. and then the guards, and then another employee, and then another employee.

    When Adebayo shouts at Peacemaker to ask what he is doing, it turns out, the helmet has X-ray vision, and Peacemaker can instantly tell if a person is a Butterfly based on what he can see on their heads.

    As the mission goes, Peacemaker keeps on shooting people left and right, all of them in first try headshots.

  8. The White Dragon Attacks - Episode 7 Stop Dragon My Hear Around

    We already knew from episode 6 that The White Dragon is coming, but no one told us he is going to come with the most '90s comic-looking outfit in live-action, flying in like he is Iron Man to the truck with enough force to topple it.

    Like Iron Man, he has an invincible suit and blaster weapons that make him the most powerful enemy in the series to date. He could have killed the entire team with one blast if they aren't so lucky. It is only thanks to Vigilante's initiative that Peacemaker, Economos, and Eagly got away.

    Vigilante may be dorky, but the team can always count on him when it comes to holding a gun and trying to blow up his enemies with a grenade, even when he is in the blast radius.

    It only slowed The White Dragon down for a little bit, and we thought Vigilante is dead there for a second, only to realize that he is hiding in a tree with visible injuries. We know in his mind he is thinking, "Worth it."

  9. Sonic Blast Helmet Activated for the First Time - Episode 1 A Whole New Whirled

    The woman Peacemaker slept with turns out to be a Butterfly. She attacks Peacemaker, and she proves to be nigh impossible to stop, no matter what Peacemaker throws at her. This is until Peacemaker gets a hold of his sonic blast helmet. The Butterfly tries to charge towards Peacemaker only for a powerful sonic boom to kill her in an instant.

    This is the first window we have of Peacemaker's cartoonish ultra-violence. Out of nowhere, this woman turned into soup.

  10. Harcourt Vs. Judo Master - Episode 7 Stop Dragon My Hear Around

    Harcourt and Adebayo don't even have time to morn Murn, as Judo Master arrives, searching for revenge. He kicks the two, putting Adebayo out of the fight. Harcourt is getting tired of Judo Master's surprise attacks and is ready for a one-on-one.

    To our surprise, Harcourt can actually hold her own against Judo Master when there are no sucker punches involved. It is a well-shot fight, one of the series best so far. They brawl from the small living room to the bathroom, into the bedroom, until Harcourt is pinned down to the ground, as Judo Master punches her face over and over.

    It is Adebayo that saves the day, as she tasers Judo Master over and over until he is down. Surely, there is a joke in here where Judo Master escapes from the team again.

  11. Harcourt Makes a Group Chat for the Team - Episode 5 Monkey Dory

    As Peacemaker and Adebayo are driving home, Peacemaker suddenly gets a message from his phone. When he takes a look, the screen reads "Harcourt added you to the group '11th Street Kids'," in reference to when the team was singing and dancing to the tune of 11th Street Kids before - A moment of the team bonding together.

    When Peacemaker looks at this, he smiles, maybe this is the first time he is part of something like this.

    We cut to Economos in his house looking at the same message, and when he opens the group chat, the picture of the team being happy on the ride home from the mission is already uploaded. Economos laughs at the picture.

    We then see Vigilante's reaction, and he too is happy about the picture. As we see all the team member's reactions to the message, we also see Harcourt in the same bar she is always in. But instead of looking dead inside like her usual self, she is smiling as she looks at the different incoming messages and emojis of the group. It is like she is slowly opening up to a group of people for the first time in a long time. It is a tender moment that lets us hope that maybe these miserable lot found their mates.

    Appropriately, the score in the background is 11th Street Kids, by Hanoi Rocks.

  12. The Touching Epilogue Montage - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    Season 1 ends on a high note with a touching epilogue montage. Each new scene is more touching than the last, which makes it such a satisfying ending.

    We see Harcourt just awoken from her mission injury as she tears up at the thought that Peacemaker has been in the waiting room the whole time she was unconscious and asks him to hold her hand.

    We see Adebayo reuniting with her wife with a smile on her face and then the couple kissing.

    We see Economos return to his position in Belle Reve Penitentiary, revealing that his office is one dark and lonely place. But at least now he has a framed picture of him and the team having fun.

    We see Peacemaker and Vigilante return to their fun activity of blowing things up, and their friendship stronger than ever.

    We see Harcourt trying to walk again in her rehabilitation at the hospital. Unlike the start of the season, when she never smiles, now she is nothing but smiles.

    Lastly, we see Peacemaker and Goff still friends despite all the things they have gone through. Just as Peacemaker thinks he has woken up to a brand new day where all his troubles are gone, a hallucination of his father sits right beside him, wearing a sinister smile.

    See you next season.

  13. BFF - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    Now that the mission is over, Peacemaker asks Adebayo if he did the right thing stopping the Butterflies, as it might mean humanity is now doomed. Adebayo replies she does not know. But it is possible that it just means he gave humanity their own choices, instead of their bug overlords.

    Adebayo tries again to apologize to Peacemaker about her betrayal, and Chris finally forgives him. He then does one better. In a touching moment, Peacemaker tells Adebayo not to tell Vigilante, but after Eagly, she is his BFF.

    Adebayo is so touched, she is on the verge of crying.

  14. The Team Celebrates in the Tune of 11th Street Kids - Episode 5 Monkey Dory

    On the drive towards the mission, it is hinted that what Peacemaker and Economos have in common despite their problems with each other, is that both of them love the band Hanoi Rocks and their song, 11th Street Kids. They were about to play the song on the radio, but they are already on the mission site, and Harcourt intentionally don't want to play it.

    After Economos slays the gorilla, the team is on cloud nine. On the way back from the mission in the van, the team is celebrating while listening to the tune of 11th Street Kids. Economos and Peacemaker are singing to the song, as everyone is dancing to the beat. Vigilante, himself has a funny and dorky dance.

    Harcourt looks at the team enjoying themselves and smiles sincerely for the first time in the series. As the team dance and sings, Harcourt catches the moment on her camera phone, looking at the team, knowing that they are getting closer.

    Maybe these miserable coworkers may be friends after all.

  15. Vigilante is Tortured to Get Information Out of Peacemaker - Episode 3 Better Goff Dead

    When the villains, who are possibly aliens or monsters, have captured both Peacemaker and Vigilante, the villains want some information out of them. Specifically, they want Peacemaker to tell them everything. But instead of torturing Peacemaker for the information, the villain keeps on torturing Vigilante so that Peacemaker would talk in the belief that while humans suffer from physical pain, seeing their loved ones in physical pain hurts them more. But... Peacemaker might not love Vigilante.

    As the villain tortures Vigilante with electricity, Peacemaker just keeps on challenging the torturer to pick up the voltage with complete indifference. Vigilante is visibly in agony, but all Peacemaker does is assure Vigilante to don't worry because he will never give them any information.

    The villain faces Peacemaker and tells him that if pure pain does not scare Peacemaker, perhaps losing something more permanent would make him talk, only to turn to Vigilante again to cut off his toe. Peacemaker tells him to even cut off all of Vigilante's toes. When Vigilante looks at Peacemaker, Peacemaker winks at him with a smile. Well, that's reassuring.

  16. The Justice League - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    As the team march on side by side like in any superhero team movie, The Justice League suddenly arrives in front of them, dramatically covered by night fog, and in heroic silhouette.

    Peacemaker complains to them that they are late. Then tells Aquaman off that he should return f@#ing fishes. It turns out, Aquaman is not played by some unknown extra who just needs to look like Jason Momoa, but the actual Jason Momoa. He tells The Flash that he is so f@#ing sick of the rumor that he is f@#s fish. The Flash, who is also revealed to be played by Ezra Miller, responds that it is not a rumor. Aquaman tells The Flash to f@# himself.

    This must be the only moment in history where we will ever hear Aquaman consistently say the F-word. Cherish it with all your heart while you can.

  17. The Entire Police Station Becomes Host to an Army of Butterflies - Episode 6 Murn After Reading

    Earlier in episode 6, we say goodbye to Detective Song as she got possessed by a Butterfly nicknamed Goff. Then Goff charges in with thousands of Butterflies ready to possess every person in the police station with no prejudice. The entire station is raining with Butterflies.

    In a beautiful slow-motion scene, we say goodbye to Detective Fitzgibbon, Captain Locke, the entire police force, and all the prisoners being held in the station.

    The entire scene is in the tune of Reckless Love's, Monster, showcasing another example of James Gunn's brilliant taste in choosing the right soundtrack at the right time.

    As the scene is rearing its end, the entire station, now being possessed by The Butterflies walk together, all of them making a creepy smile as they go to the camera. Watch out as the smiling zombies are going to town.

  18. Activate Sonic Boom - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    The squad's plan to defeat the Butterflies is for Economos to infiltrate the barn headquarters disguised as one of them and kill the Cow underneath. Economos needs to put Peacemaker's helmet inside the barn, a helmet that can create giant sonic booms through voice commands. They have attached a comlink inside, so the team can activate it remotely by a voice from a distance.

    Economos has successfully put the helmet inside the barn, but as he is trying to leave the barn, the helmet has been spotted by the Butterflies. So Economos runs away fast as an army of Butterflies goes after him.

    The thrill of this chase is very high. As the Butterflies get a hold of Economos like the Butterflies are a bunch of zombies out for flesh, Economos is about to die.

    Then the rest of the team activates the sonic boom, causing a giant explosion, destroying the barn. When the Butterflies going after Economos sees the explosion, they all leave Economos alone to get back to the barn,

    Once they are all in the barn again, the team activates another sonic boom, killing a huge number of them. Then the team activates a sonic boom again, then again, until the helmet runs out of juice.

    It did not kill the cow underneath, but it sure destroyed the equipment to sustain it, and also teleport it.

  19. Flashbacks to Peacemaker's Childhood - Episode 4 The Choad Less Traveled

    Before the credits roll for "The Choad Less Traveled", we have our saddest moment in the episode. Peacemaker just went home from a long day. He plays the music on, and in the tune of House of Pain by Faster Pussycat, Peacemaker starts to dance, and dance hard.

    As the scene goes, we see a flashback of his childhood, where there is a man tied up to a chair, looking scared. Peacemaker as a kid is goaded on by his Dad to stab the man like it is a kind of test. Peacemaker looks at the man's scared eyes and then plunges the knife into him. His dad has a big grin on his face as his son is suffering in guilt.

    We know now that in the present, Peacemaker is dancing his depression away. We then see a flashback of Peacemaker as a child with his brother, playing and enjoying each other's company. Then we see his brother convulsing, and foaming in the mouth, obviously dying, probably because of Peacemaker.

    In the present, Peacemaker dances harder and harder, until a flashback of The Suicide Squad movie appears, where Peacemaker killed Rick Flagg, and Rick Flagg tells him, "Peacemaker. What a joke." As Rick Flagg falls to the ground, the dancing Peacemaker falls to the ground too, then reaches and then hugs the picture frame of him and his brother.

  20. The 11th Street Kids Vs. The White Dragon - Episode 7 Stop Dragon My Hear Around

    The White Dragon and his men's chase for Peacemaker and his friends continues. They finally caught up with them because of the tracking devices put on every Peacemaker's helmet in the trunk of the car.

    Peacemaker seems like in a loss with no chance of survival as he is pummeled to the ground with White Dragon going near him. Eagly charges to White Dragon, but White Dragon brutally punches Eagly to the face.

    This angers Peacemaker so much, he goes charging into The White Dragon. But The White Dragon is too strong for him. The White Dragon starts his villain monologue, and it is the most bile-inducing speech ever uttered by a supervillain.

    Every word White Dragon speaks is filled with venom - He goes on and on about how he always knew that Peacemaker is unclean not only because he blames him for Keith's death, but also because he shaves his body like a woman and because he sleeps with polluted blood and men. He says that he was tested by God, just like Abraham before him, and should've had the guts to kill Peacemaker from the beginning.

    The White Dragon would have killed Peacemaker if Vigilante did not rescue him in time. Vigilante damages The White Dragon's blasters, giving Peacemaker a chance to beat up his dad.

    As Peacemaker punches and punches with all his pent-up emotions on his sleeves, we see a passionate performance by John Cena as he starts telling him it is he, the father, who has the most blame for Keith's death. But Peacemaker does not put himself off the hook. He is filled with guilt that he has let himself be colored by his father for all these years.

    Peacemaker picks up a gun, and with hesitation, kills his father with a bullet straight to the head. After his father dies, Peacemaker burst out crying.

    This is how you make a mass killer like Peacemaker, sympathetic - make him a tragic case, while not putting him off the hook for who he is. It is a powerful scene, And no amount of Vigilante's off-timed joke can ruin it.

  21. Eagly Hugs Again - Episode 7 Stop Dragon My Hear Around

    Eagly just might be the only good soul in this series because the entire cast are terrible people. So as we see him lying lifeless as Peacemaker begs and pray that Eagly survives, we are with him, praying for a miracle.

    Then, as if Eagly heard Peacemaker's prayer, Eagly rises from his bed. Peacemaker's face is suddenly filled with relief. With a rising musical score, we are blessed again as Eagly adorably wraps his wings around a tear-stricken Peacemaker for a second time. This time Eagly's eyes are closed and his wings are even tighter. Clearly, Chris is right, miracles do come true.

  22. War with the Butterflies - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    While the Butterflies are still confused and weakened from the sonic booms, Peacemaker, Vigilante, and Harcourt, charges at them to kill as many of them as possible.

    It is like the third act of an Avengers movie, where the team gets to showcase their unity and teamwork over a number of enemies. Except with a TV budget, that makes up for it with charming and expert scrappy filmmaking, while also being more bloody and brutal than any Avengers movie can dream of.

    The highlight is the things Peacemaker can do with his shield. It is like he is an R-Rated Captain America. There is even a part where he does a combo as he shoots the shield in the air with his gun, forcing the shield to get jammed into one of the Butterflies.

  23. Be The Peacemaker - Episode 8 It's Cow or Never

    Here we learn the twist of what exactly is the Butterflies up to. Because of the twist, we also have the pay-off of Peacemaker's character arc. Goff(Head Butterfly) tries to convince Peacemaker to take their side and teleport The Cow. To do it Goff tells Chris what their motivation is to rule the world.

    Peacemaker started out the season having an existential crisis on his vow to kill anyone in the name of peace, doubting himself thinking that maybe killing people is not the right way to get it.

    So why are the Butterflies trying to dominate the world? Because they made a vow. A vow that they would do anything they could to change humanity's future. A vow to make the choices that we are incapable to do on our own. To save humanity no matter how many lives it cost. Sounds familiar?

    As Peacemaker listens to Goff you can see in his eyes, that he knows he is no different from the Butterflies. It hits him hard just how sick and terrible he is as a person who kills people in the name of something good. It took looking at a crazy supervillain just for him to realize he is a crazy supervillain.

    Goff then touches Peacemaker's face with complete understanding and care for him. She thanks him for being kind to her, feeding her, and talking to her when she was captured and in a jar. She tells him, she sees who Peacemaker is. She asks him to fulfill his calling - "Be The Peacemaker."

    In this important moment, Peacemaker answers by activating human torpedo. See, Adebayo is just nearby, wearing Peacemaker's helmet that makes the wearer a human torpedo. When Peacemaker activates it through voice command, Adebayo is hurled fast like a bullet, into the Cow, instantly killing it and any chance the Butterflies have in surviving.

    Peacemaker apologizes to Goff, and then shoots her in the chest. From what it looks like, he intentionally did not shoot her on the head, so that Goff would survive.

    It took Peacemaker 8 episodes to make him a half-decent human being.

  24. How Peacemaker's Brother Died - Episode 7 Stop Dragon My Hear Around

    From the previous 6 episodes, all we have to go on of how Pecemaker's brother Keith died is from brief flashes of hints. Whatever happened, it left Peacemaker with some huge mental scars.

    Now we know - We see that Keith and Chri (Peacemaker) were close brothers who loves to listen to rock music in their room. Then one of their father's friends calls them to go outside. Whatever it is, the brothers are excited about it and it seems like a regular activity they have to do for their father.

    In a dark twist, they are called upon by their dad to fight each other as their dad and his party of friends bets on who is going to win. The two brothers are not disturbed by this. They just go on like they are part of the people watching them having fun even when their faces are already bleeding.

    When Chris delivers one of his punches, Keith started twitching on the ground while foaming at the mouth. While everybody is shocked, Chris just smiles cheerfully, innocently thinking his brother is doing the worm.

    When their father comes to Keith's aid, Chris's face turns into fear and confusion. His dad starts screaming at Chris, saying he has killed his brother, and this kid has no idea what is going on.

    Peacemaker can be funny and serious, but man, this is its darkest hour yet.

  25. The Intro Credits - All Episodes

    There are only a handful of intro credits that no one pushes the skip button on, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and now Peacemaker just made the cut. The intro credits present the entire cast dancing an awkward stiff dance at the tune of "Do You Wanna Taste It?" By Wig Wam, all with a straight face, emotionless in fact. They could have made the entire cast look like they are enjoying themselves but making them emotionless makes it more hilarious.

    The performance number is complete with elaborate lights with a set of neon and metal stairs. It does not even matter if a character is a straight-faced serious type in the series, in this intro he or she is going to dance. Even Eagly got into the action.

    This must have been hell to shoot as the cast must have been laughing all the time. Whatever the case, this is an intro no one would skip.