15 Most Hypeable Features: Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Edition

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With the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward, coming out just around the corner, I thought I’d list the 15 most hypeable things from it (in no particular order. I’m pretty maxed out with how much hype I can currently contain!)

[Warning: Contains spoilers of the 2.55 Storyline!]


Let's get started...

  1. Dragons Dragons Dragons!

    In the Heavensward trailer our Midlander changes from a Warrior to a Dragoon. The Theme for Heavensward is Dragonsong. There’s a whole area called Dravania. Oh, and let’s not forget that big dragon we had to fight in 2.55. I smell a theme here, don’t you? From the looks of things, we’ll be able to ride, fight, and converse with dragons of all shapes and sizes.

  2. Airships!

    Coming in Heavensward, Free Companies will be able to build their own airships with a variety of stats, and send them out on ventures like retainers. We’re told each FC house needs to build the Airship parts, and they’ll have an effect on which areas it can go, how much it can bring back, etc. Pictured here may just be a single person Airship.. but still, AIRSHIP!!!


  3. New Explorable Areas

        Beginning where 2.55 left off, we’ll gain access to the city of Ishgard, a much-anticipated zone. Ishgard is split up into at least two large zones: a poor, dilapidated area ravaged by the dragon war on the bottom, and a more noble, richer area on top.

        From Ishgard, we’ll be able to go into Western Coerthas, which is a zone we had back in 1.0. It’ll be interesting returning to the old hamlets and aetheryte camps from 1.0 now!

        But be careful -- Yoshida promises the new mobs in these areas to be harder than the mobs in A Realm Reborn!

  4. New Story Quests

    As we were outcasts in 2.55, we finally were able to gain entry into Ishgard, leading us into the 3.0 storyline. With Heavensward brings new story quests. While 2.55 left us with a mix of emotions - from rage to despair, from hopelessness to eagerness, 3.0 picks up where we left off in such a somber note. It looks as though we will even be teaming up with some old foes..


  5. Flying Mounts!

    How are we meant to get to some of these new areas, up in the clouds? Flying mounts, of course! The developers are even rumbling about making older mounts, such as the Ahriman, fly as well. For now, it seems as though we’ll be able to get to ride a Chocobo specialized for flying, the Collector’s Edition Griffon, and even… our Fat Chocobo?!


  6. New Glamours and Hairstyles

    My personal favorite thing to do is customizing my character. So, naturally, when the pictures of the new hairstyles and glamours came out recently I was super excited! You can currently try out these hairstyles in the Heavensward Benchmark that was released a while ago. As for the glamours? I’m hoping these “Arabian Night” themed costumes come from the Golden Saucer!


  7. Raised Level Caps

    Finally, we’re getting raised level caps! Each of our jobs (Crafting and Gathering classes included) will be able to level to level 60. In interviews, Yoshida has said that the way you level will be similar to A Realm Reborn: Main Story Quests will be a big chunk of your exp, but they’ll eventually dry up til 60. Look out for the FATE train!


  8. New Job Skills

    What’s a raised level cap without new job skills? White Mages are getting some awesome new offensive and healing spells, Monks will be able to play with their Greased Lightning more than ever before (dirty!), Bards will actually have to stand still a bit more (boo!), Black Mages will get yet another Red Mage skill (insert nerdragehere) Haste, and so so much more! Our rotations are going to change and perhaps some classes will have new life breathed into them.


  9. Job-Specific Limit Breaks!

    Finally! Job-specific limit breaks! Finally: Bard won’t raise everyone! ….

    Oh no, Bards can’t raise everyone..!

    Laserbeams, epic punching, mass heals, time stopping, and big blue scary dragons galore -- I just can’t wait!

  10. New Jobs!

    Of course, how could I leave off the new jobs!? We’re getting a new Tank, DPS, and Healer. For tank, we have the Dark Knight. If you played FFXI, I’m sure you’re already breaking out your Papa Roach macros. For DPS, we have the Machinist. I’m personally looking forward to using my best Steam Powered Giraffe quotes while I summon my turrets. For Healer, we’re getting Astrologian, who use healing or barrier stances.


  11. New Gear!

    New Gear, new lovely tomestone gear! Our ilvl130 items will hold us for a while, but eventually we’ll need better gear. Each job is getting new AF (artifact, relic, etc.) gear, including the Crafting and Gathering classes. We’re also going to be treated to a slew of new in-between gear.


  12. New Dungeons and Primals

    What’s all these new jobs, levels, and gear without something to do with it? That’s right. We’re getting new dungeons (including something new in the line of “Vigil”), and even Ravana, a new primal.

  13. Alexander!

    Alexander won’t be premiered until a couple weeks after Heavensward comes out, but it promises to include stuff for both casual and hardcore players. One mode for OK gear/glamours, and the harder mode for hardcore players.


  14. DirectX11

    While technically not Heavensward specific, we’re getting a DirectX client. They’re slowly adding better graphics and textures and this is a huge stepping stone in doing so. Pictured is a comparison of the Directx9 (current PC client) and the new Directx11 client coming with Heavensward.

  15. Au Ra!

    Last but not least.. New Race! What’s the point of having a new race if you won’t jump on the bandwagon and at least make one for an alt? While I would have liked the Au Ra women to be a little more.. succubus-y.. I can’t complain with their cuteness. And the men - such hunks! Especially with that Dragon Ball hair!