13-Year-Old Deaf Girl Wows Fornite Gamers With 17 Solo Wins In One Day

Credit: Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games

An adorable deaf girl is winning the hearts of Fortnite players for her mad gaming skills! It's hard not to love the 13-year-old gamer going by the name Ewokttv, who is full of energy and just never stops smiling throughout her Twitch streams.

While she is already making a name for herself as a Twitch streamer, with her stats and skills, popular Twitch live-streamer Timthetatman gave her a boost by featuring her on his channel. It worked because the whole community is now falling for her. Fans just couldn't help but say "aww" as she giggles in excitement for every sub she gets while playing.

She is using the visualized sound effects feature added in Fornite a few months back to better navigate the game. Her fellow players are convinced that her skills are through the roof. She dominates Solo games and Battle Royales with ease and never forgets to smile all throughout. Watch her clock in back-to-back wins like its no big deal below:

Ewokttv managed to achieve up to a whopping 17 Solo wins in just one day, making many Fortnite players question their own skills. That level would take others several weeks to achieve. In fact, just half of those stats is incredibly hard to reach. She even racks up as many as 11 kills in one session. As a result, she is currently ranked #50. Check out her complete stats here.

The amazing teenage girl is a Star Wars fan to boot! She has so much love for the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi that she based her Twitch name after the creatures. Come to think of it, the name is perfect for her. She has an innocent and cute look but is actually vicious and deadly when she steps into Fornite territory.

Clearly, this girl is giving gamers a run for their money. However, fans just love watching her play her games every single time that they don't even mind. Many naturally subbed to her so they could see her in action.

The Twitch streamer has inspired so many other gamers and deaf people alike. From the looks of it, Fornite gamers and fans are bound to see more of her.

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