Zombs Explains Why He's Retiring From Pro VALORANT, But Will Still Be Part of Sentinels

Jared "zombs" Gitlin, a former professional player of Sentinels' VALORANT team, isn't returning to pro play, he revealed during a livestream on November 24.

Since Sentinels benched him and brought Eric “Kanpeki” Xu in April 2022, his future as a VALORANT pro has been up in the air. Recently, Sentinels revamped the roster with signings of former LOUD members pANcada and Sacy after making it through the franchising program. Zombs tried to form a team together, but admitted that he's no longer going to compete again.

“I was scrimming for like a week,” zombs said. “The team I was making had some potential and we had some potential organizations interested. But then I went to Los Angeles, I talked to the SEN owner, and now I never want to leave SEN. I am staying on SEN forever. I have been on SEN since the beginning, since they had like zero followers. I am not going to compete again. It’s not worth it for me anymore. I have opportunities that are better for the future, that are better in every aspect than competing.”

According to Zombs, he grew tired of competing after he realized it's "impossible" to build a team with every player on the same page. The 24-year-old player said that every lineup has too many problems and it's not worth spending years of life grinding a game.

Zombs has been part of Sentinels since March 2019, when he started as an Apex Legends pro. He joined the first VALORANT lineup Sentinels assembled in April 2020, and the team dominated the North American scene in 2020 before becoming the first winners of an international VALORANT esports tournament at VCT Masters Two Reykjavík.

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Although Sentinels and zombs haven't announced anything official yet, it's likely that he will be part of the organization's team of content creators.

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