Your Name’s Timeline Explained

Your Name’s Timeline Explained Mitsuha

Your Name’s Timeline Explained Mitsuha

Your Name is a romantic fantasy film that follows two high school students, Mitsuha and Taki, who inexplicably swapped bodies. Interestingly, both of them come from different periods. The movie's timeline might be confusing for some, so here is Your Name’s timeline explained for everyone's convenience!

The movie centers around an important event: the Tiamat comet crashing on Earth. This incident killed 500 residents in Itomori, including Mitsuha and her family.

The incident happened three years earlier in Taki’s time. He then decided to inform Mitsuha of what was going to happen in her time and hopefully save her.

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Your Name’s Timeline Explained

It is important to note that since Taki changed some things to save Mitsuha, there are some parts of the timeline that diverge into two events. We also focused on the main events in the movie.

Here is the timeline of Your Name with all the film's important events:

  • 1200 years ago – Some parts of Comet Tiamat hit Earth and formed Lake Itomori
  • 200 years ago – Itomori’s documents were destroyed during the Great Fire of Mayugoro
  • 1996 – Mitsuha was born
  • 1999 – Taki was born
  • 2013 September – Mitsuha switched to Taki (2016)
Your Name’s Timeline Explained Mitsuha
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  • 2013 October – Comet Tiamat crashed and destroyed Itomori. Mitsuha and the rest of the residents were killed in the old timeline. In the new timeline, Comet Tiamat still destroyed Itomori but Mitsuha was able to save everyone.
  • 2016 September – Taki switched to Mitsuha (2013)
  • 2016 October 22 – Taki went to the crater and drank the sake from Mitsuha
  • 2016 October 23 – Taki woke up and found himself in the crater. He got confused as to why he was there.
  • 2022 – Taki and Mitsuha meet in person
Your Name’s Timeline Explained Taki
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The movie got some questions about its timeline when viewers noticed that Yukari Yukino from The Garden of Words made a cameo appearance in Your Name.

In The Garden of Words, Yukari relocated to Shikoku in late September 2013, while she was a teacher in Itomori in September 2013 in Your Name.

Shinkai Character Cameos in Your Name

Your Name Cameos Yukari Yukino
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We mentioned that Yukari Yukino from The Garden of Words had a cameo appearance in Your Name. But are there other additional character appearances and show references in the film?

  • Takao Akizuki – He is one of the main protagonists in The Garden of Words and was seen towards the end of Your Name
  • Makoto Shinkai’s Cat Avatar – The avatar was seen on a cup found in Taki’s room
  • Leaves of Words Café – It is also believed to be a reference to The Garden of Words. Taki and his classmates used to go to this café.

Makoto Shinkai loves to insert small cameo appearances from one film to another.

In fact, Taki and Mitsuha even made their own cameo appearance in Weathering With You, which was released after Your Name.

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