Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast Update, Plot Theories, and Everything We Know

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime

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Kick the gates to the ranch; Yellowstone Season 5 is in the works.

Yellowstone is a neo-Western television series that premiered on June 20, 2018, created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. The series follows the Duttons, a ranching family in Montana who will do everything to protect their family and their ranch.

The show became one of the biggest cowboy shows on television, with two of the episodes from Yellowstone Season 4 reaching the Top 100 most-watched US TV shows in 2021.

Though the season didn't receive any nomination in the 2022 Emmy's, the latest season of Yellowstone is deep in production and will hit our screens by late 2022. Here is everything we know about Yellowstone Season 5.

Yellowstone Season 5 Date: When will the Series Come Out?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton

Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere on November 13, 2022, a Sunday. Paramount Network announced the series' release date on May 18 through an Instagram post. They also announced that season 5 will be released in two installments.

The announcement came a few days after the production of the series began, as Yellowstone executive producer David Glasser said in an interview back in January. Season 5 will also have 14 episodes instead of 10 like the earlier seasons.

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast: Who are the Actors Included in the Series?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime
Kelsey Asbille as Monica

The Dutton family will return for the fifth season of Yellowstone. The main cast of the series sat down for an interview on June 21.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton

Kevin Costner will return as John Dutton, the family's patriarch who only has one goal in mind – to protect his family and his family’s land no matter what it takes.

On July 26, the official Yellowstone YouTube channel released a short video outlining the reasons why we all love John Dutton.

In an interview with Variety, Costner talked about the steps that John Dutton would have to take to protect his family and their land.

It’s been set up in a sense that there’s so much pressure on what’s coming for his land that he’s going to have to do something. We’re going to see what he did and does to stay ahead of it and I think that’s what John Dutton has to do.

Costner seems to be teasing fans into sharing their hopes and conspiracies in his Instagram post about Yellowstone Season 5.

In one of his recent interviews, the interviewer asked Costner if he thought his character would die in the upcoming season. Costner responded by saying he didn't want his character to die. He also talked about not really knowing what happens next and how he thinks they were making things up even if they say they know.

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton

John Dutton’s daughter, Beth, will still be played by Kelly Reilly (from Calvary and Sherlock Holmes). Beth is the brains behind the family business, and the one everyone knows you shouldn’t mess with. The only one who can render her speechless is her father.

The only one who holds Beth's heart is Rip, who can be as honest to her as she is to him.

Kelly Reilly recently posted a serene photo of Montana on her Instagram page with the caption, "Beautiful goodbye in the forest on my last day in Montana this year , see you later friends x." This stirred up rumors that season 5 will be the last for Yellowstone and that Beth may be dying this season.

Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton

Kayce Dutton, the youngest in the family, is played by Luke Grimes from American Sniper and Fifty Shades of Gray. Kayce has faced many trials, and he is doing his best to keep his family safe.

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton

The last member of the Dutton family is Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley from Interstellar.

In an Instagram post, we see Jamie facing off with Beth (or at least, try to).

The Rest of the Dutton Clan

The other members of the family include Beth’s husband, Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser from Olympus has Fallen, Kayce’s wife Monica, played by Kelsey Asbille, and Kayce’s son Tate, played by Brecken Merrill.

The Yellowstone Ranch Hands

Yellowstone Season 5 has other regular cast members we may see return. Kathryn Kelly may return as Emily, along with Finn Little as Carter, Jen Landon as Teeter, Ryan Bingham as Walker, Denim Richards as Colby, Ian Bohen as Ryan, Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd, and Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater.

We may see other actors return to play the younger selves of the main characters. Josh Lucas may return to play the young John Dutton, along with Kylie Rogers as the young Beth Dutton and Kyle Red Silverstein as the young Rip Wheeler. The other actors we may see return are Jacki Weaver as Caroline Warner, Wendy Moniz as Governor Lynelle Perry, and Mo Brings Plenty as Mo.

Are There New Cast Members Joining Yellowstone Season 5?

Yes, there are new characters joining Yellowstone this season. We will be introduced to Kai Caster, who will play the character of Rowdy, a young cowboy.

We will also meet Lainey Wilson as a musician named Abby, along with Lilli Kay who will play Clara Brewer, a new assistant for one of the Duttons. We will also be meeting Avery, the first girl to work as a ranch hand in Yellowstone. Avery is played by Tanaya Beatty.

Orli Gottesman joins the Yellowstone cast for its fifth season as Halie, a young and confident girl who is drawn toward Carter. In a news report by Entertainment Weekly, she is described as;

In season 5, Halie becomes that person who gives Carter the chance to come out of his shell and to teach him not only about himself, but he finds himself always wanting Halie to be around. Halie comes along and now there is someone who can fit that mold and be there for him.

Yellowstone Season 5 Villains

Season 5 will also bring a new corporate shark daring to face the wrath of the Duttons. Dawn Olivieri will play Sarah Atwood, the Montana newcomer who may be a new enemy for Beth.

Are There Returning Characters?

Deadline reported that a familiar face from Yellowstone season 3 will return for season 5.

Q’orianka Kilcher, who plays the feisty Atty. Angela Blue Thunder, will return upon the premiere of the series in November. Why she is returning and how she will be written back into the story is still a mystery.

Yellowstone Season 5 Crew: Who are the Creatives Behind the Scenes?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime
Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater

Taylor Sheridan is the creator of the series, and he also directed for the series, so he may also return to direct for the fifth season. Sheridan may also be writing for the series.

Yellowstone Season 5 Plot: What Will be the Plot of the Paramount+ Series?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler

Yellowstone Season 3 ended with a bang and Season 4 picks up after the dramatic events.

Yellowstone Season 4 spoilers ahead

The season begins with John Dutton coming up from a coma in the hospital after Beth, Kayce, and John were all attacked. The rest of the family is still alive but battling in various ways. Beth fights to protect the ranch from the company that plans to build an airport on the land, Kayce fights to help his family overcome trauma, and John puts aside differences with an enemy for a common goal.

Beth keeps her enemies close by working for Market Equity, the company trying to gain ownership of their ranch. She is eventually found out by Caroline Wagner but not before she manages to disrupt some of Market Equity’s plans. She even uses an environmentalist who fell in love with her father to stage a protest on Market Equity’s building site that drew national attention.

John Dutton keeps the peace with Thomas Rainwater as they work together to find out who ordered the attempt to kill the Dutton family. They learn that an inmate organized the attempt, so John asks Kayce to send Jamie for more information about the inmate. Jamie finds the inmate and discovers that one of the inmate’s former cellmates, Garret Randle, is his real father.

Meanwhile, Kayce participates in a Native American ritual that shows him a powerful vision, in which he claims to see the end of them all.

You can watch the recap for the fourth season here:

In his recent interview with Variety, Kevin Costner tells of the level of violence fans can expect from Yellowstone Season 5.

It’s been set up in a sense that there’s so much pressure on what’s coming for his land that he’s going to have to do something, so we’re going to see what he did and does to stay ahead of it, and I think that’s what John Dutton has to do, but the pressures about the land have been, always for this family, [that they’ve] got to hold on to it with a level of violence.

In some of her interviews, Kelly Reilly gave hints about the possible future of some relationships in the series. She hinted that there may be further tension between her character, Beth, and the character Summer.

Reilly also expressed her interest in seeing how Beth and Rip's marriage will be affected by her relationship with her father. We may even be seeing the couple take a break for a while in season 5.

Watch the interview of the main cast members here:

We still don’t know what might happen in the next season of Yellowstone, but we might see the rivalry between the Dutton’s and Market Equity. We may also see how things will turn up for the relationship between Thomas Rainwater and John Dutton. Yellowstone Season 5 may also finally show us what Kayce’s vision was and how his spiritual journey might help his family.

Is Season 5 the Final Yellowstone Season?

We still do not know if Yellowstone season 5 will be the series last season, but it looks like this has to be the end. Sheridan has many shows in development and may have to redirect his attention to newer series.

Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer: Is There a Trailer for Yellowstone Season 5?

No, there is no trailer for the fifth season of Yellowstone yet, but we may expect to see one soon. The series is already in production, so a trailer is likely on the way. In the meantime, you can watch the trailers for the earlier seasons of the show. Find the trailer for Yellowstone Season 4, Yellowstone Season 3, Yellowstone Season 2, and Yellowstone Season 1 here.

Here is the trailer for Yellowstone Season 4:

Watch the trailer for Yellowstone Season 3 here:

This is the link for Yellowstone Season 2:

Here is the link for the trailer of Yellowstone Season 1:

Yellowstone Season 5 is Worth the Wait

Like an answered prayer for so many fans who can barely sit still, Kevin Costner and Yellowstone released a season teaser featuring John Dutton and Mo Brings Plenty.

In the video, Mo tells John Dutton that 'it is worth the wait.' In this case, they are saying that Yellowstone Season 5 will be worth the wait, and know that it will surely be.

Yellowstone Season 5 Official Teaser

The official teaser for the fifth season of Yellowstone premiered during the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

Yellowstone Season 5 Behind the Scenes: Is There a Behind the Scenes Video for Yellowstone Season 5?

A recent tweet from the official account of Yellowstone gave us a quick peek behind the scenes of season 5.

The video was short but it would have to do for now as we wait for more Yellowstone content. Visit this page to find more updates.

Kelly Reilly Shares Season 5 Scripts

Kelly Reilly, who plays the infamous Beth Dutton, has always been a reliable source of behind-the-scenes scoops. In one of her Instagram stories, Reilly shared the scripts from Yellowstone Season 5.

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plo Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Kelly Reilly Instagram post

Based on the post, we can guess some of the title episodes of season 5.

Episode 1: One Hundred Years is Nothing

Episode 2: The Sting of Wisdom

Episode 4: Horses in Heaven

Episode 5: Watch 'Em Ride Away

Episode 6: Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You

Yellowstone on the Montana Flooding

On August 24, Yellowstone released a short clip updating fans about the status of Montana and its namesake, Yellowstone National Park, after the flooding. They also encourage viewers to visit the park to experience what it offers.

Expanding the Yellowstone Universe: Will Yellowstone Have Spin-offs?

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan continues to conquer the television screen with several Yellowstone spin-offs that further expand the Yellowstone universe. All of the nine (you read that right) projects Sheridan has lined up will be with Paramount.


The first sequel, 1889, is an origin story that stars Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliot. It tells the story of how the Duttons came to Yellowstone and why the ranch is sacred to the family.


There will be another prequel that features the Dutton family history entitled 1932. The prequel is set during the Great Depression and will be led by superstars Helen Mirre and Harrison Ford.

As of September 2022, we learn that Terminator veteran Robert Patrick joins the cast of 1932 as Sheriff William McDowell.


Sheridan has another Yellowstone spin-off in development, currently with the working title '6666', as in the 6666 Ranch.

The show's announcement comes with a synopsis that seems to suggest that it will be set in modern times on the iconic ranch.

Founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas, no ranch in America is more steeped in the history of the West than the 6666. Still operating as it did two centuries before, and encompassing an entire county, the 6666 is where the rule of law and the laws of nature merge in a place where the most dangerous thing one does is the next thing ... The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world class cowboys are born and made.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 5: Where Can I Watch the Series?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: Peacock/Amazon Prime
Kevin Costner as John Dutton

You can watch Yellowstone Season 5 on Peacock. Peacock is NBC’s on-demand streaming service which was launched in 2020. They have the exclusive rights to distribute Yellowstone internationally.

You can also watch all the seasons of Yellowstone on Amazon Prime, but it is not free even for Premier subscribers. The series is available for purchase from Amazon. There are more shows you can watch on Amazon Prime, like The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Lake, and The Boys.

Yellowstone instantly rose to fame when the series was first released in 2018. Now, on its fifth season, Yellowstone will still give us the same brand of good Western drama with a modern twist. We can hardly keep still in our saddles as we wait for the arrival of Yellowstone Season 5.

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