Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 7 Spoilers: One Step Close to the Enemy

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Credit: Paramount Network/YouTube
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Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 7 looks to be quite exciting, as it also is, sort of stressful.

For one, this specific episode is extended to an hour and 13 minutes, making it the longest one since the start of the season. But where will this extended run time take us? There's plenty to look forward to, that we are sure of.


Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 7 Spoilers

Keep the Wolves Close, the seventh episode of Season 4, hints that John and Kayce will move one step closer to discovering the identity of the enemy who ordered the attacks on them. They might interrogate Jamie on what he learned from Riggins' interview.

Any attempt by Jamie to conceal Garrett's involvement will raise suspicions about him, and that will not end well. Teeter and Laramie's future, which appears to be away from the ranch, for the time being, is expected to be revealed.

The ranch hands will be ready to show a united face to anyone who attempts to pose a danger to the property now that the bunkhouse conflict has been handled.


We could also discover more about the horses that were stolen in the previous episode, and they could be linked to Garrett's ruse against the Duttons. Garrett may try to smear the Duttons' reputation by framing them for stealing the horses after his failed attempt to kill them.

Due to various issues in their marriage, Kayce and Monica's seemingly idyllic life in their new home may come to an end. Rip and Beth, on the other hand, may begin finalizing their wedding plans, as revealed in the sixth episode.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 7, will air on Paramount Network on December 12, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET.


The fourth season consists of ten episodes, each lasting 40-45 minutes. Every week on Sundays, new episodes of the show are broadcast on the channel.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Online

Cable subscribers can watch Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 7 on the Paramount Network at the above-mentioned date and hour.

If you can't watch the seventh episode on TV, you can watch it online using your cable subscription credentials on Paramount's official website or the Paramount Network app.