X-Men '97 Showrunner Reveals Deadpool Was 'Off-Limits'

X-Men team in X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

X-Men team in X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

X-Men '97 showrunner Beau DeMayo recently revealed that Deadpool is not slated to make an appearance in the series.

For the past few episodes, several fan-favorite Marvel characters have made appearances including Captain America and Spider-Man to the delight of many fans.

There have been questions about whether Deadpool is set to appear in the series considering that the character is now more beloved thanks to the Ryan Reynolds films and he also made a brief cameo in the original.

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Beau DeMayo Confirms Deadpool Was 'Off-Limits' in X-Men '97

A fan recently asked DeMayo on X whether Deadpool will be making an appearance in X-Men '97.

Unfortunately, he confirmed that the fan-favorite character is not showing up in the series anytime soon as he was "off-limits."

There is no explanation provided regarding why Marvel Studios did not allow DeMayo to use Deadpool in the series.

This could be a disappointing tidbit for some fans since they might be hoping that the Merc with a Mouth would appear and perhaps even exchange some banter with the show's variant of Wolverine.

It is likely that the character is off-limits due to his breaking-the-fourth-wall nature and Marvel Studios might want to avoid mixing that R-rated style in an animated series that has an established tone.

There is also a possibility that they want to avoid conflict with the MCU as they are about to re-introduce Deadpool to the big screen in a major way with Deadpool and Wolverine later this year and they want to separate him for now.

Despite that, there is a chance that Marvel Studios could still change their mind and allow the new showrunner of X-Men '97 to use the character if the narrative calls it. For now, fans should wait and see whether it will happen in the future.

X-Men '97 season 1 finale is set to air on Disney+ this Wednesday.

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