Wonder Egg Priority Ending Explained

Credit: CloverWorks

Credit: CloverWorks

Wonder Egg PriorityEpisode 12 has just been released, and if you have a ton of questions, you are not alone. The conclusion of the originalCloverWorks show was nothing if not confusing and, naturally, it wasn't enough of a closure, which is why a Wonder Egg Priority Special will be released this June.

Until then, we can't be absolutely sure what the creators intended for the show and characters, but we can definitely attempt to interpret and analyze the main plot points; the writers have given us a lot of work to do! Below you will find a handy recap you can return to a little before the special is released and an explanation of the main plot points touched in Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12.

Warning: If you haven't watched the latest Wonder Egg Priority episode, we strongly recommend that you return to this article once you do – unless you don't mind spoilers.

Wonger Egg Priority Ending Explained: Another Ai?

Rika and Momoe's last escapade in the dream world left the traumatized and bereaved. They might have saved the friends they had lost, but they were not even able to hug them and we can't be sure whether they are actually alive again. Worst still, the girls lost their beloved animal companions who were slain by the Dot and the other monstrous girls Frill created.

Knowing this, Ai, the episode's titular "Unvanquished Warrior" still chooses to return to the dream world of wonder eggs, which for her takes the form of a school. She's more cautious than usual, trying her best to protect her animal companion by keeping him hidden, but the Accas are having none of it. Ai is in the dream world with a mission – there is a girl she must save.

Ai's shock matches our own when she comes face to face with herself. A more timid self, dressed in a school uniform rather than Ai's signature yellow hoodie, but Ai nonetheless. So far, we didn't have definitive proof that the girls our main characters save are anything but people from their own world who have committed suicide.

But this new Ai (let's call her AU Ai for convenience's sake) adds a whole new layer to the world of Wonder Egg Priority. Could the young teenagers our main characters were saving be from parallel worlds all along? If so, what about the loved ones they managed to set free? Did they return to the girls' own world, where they died, did they move on to parallel worlds, or were they from parallel worlds all along?

Acca and Ura-Acca explain the theory of parallel universes, suggesting that when a person makes a big decision that changes the course of their life, a parallel world is created in which the opposite route was taken. Therefore, AU Ai is an Ai who never met Koito or Neiru, Rika, and Momoe, but instead committed suicide due to her classmates' bullying.

From there on, however, things get very confusing. At first, it's easy to tell between the two Ais because Our Ai is wearing her yellow hoody while AU Ai is dressed in a school uniform and her gestures are shier and more reserved.

But by the time both girls fall in the swimming pool, they emerge dressed in the same uniform so it's hard to tell. Eventually, Koito, who makes an appearance right there is the one who gives us the answer. Our Ai is the one with the yellow hair clip, so this is something to keep in mind when rewatching.

The AU Ai's appearance is arguably confusing, but also beautiful in its symbolism. Essentially, Our Ai has to save herself. We have to watch the Special to see if the existence of parallel universes will significantly change the meaning of the dream worlds. But Wonder Egg Priority has always been about emotions and relationships first.

Perhaps the message we're meant to take out of the second Ai's appearance is this: after a season of suffering, Ai can tell her past self that living was worthwhile after all. When AU Ai asks Our Ai if she's happy, there are tears in the latter's eyes but she is finally able to say that yes, she is glad she survived.

Then, of course, there's the sacrifice of AU Ai, one of the most horrifying moments in the anime so far. With Koitonow theoretically freed, Ai has completed her mission and is visited by one of the monstrous girls, who is after her and her animal companion. AU Ai, protects Our Ai, losing her eye and seemingly dying. But how is this possible? So far the teens our main characters saved would move on almost immediately. And how can AU Ai die if she's already dead?

Perhaps the Wonder Egg Priority Special will provide an answer to that question. For the time being, we can assume AU Ai's sacrifice confirms what Our Ai told her earlier on: she's not weak because she committed suicide. None of the show's characters are. If Our Ai is strong, so was her alternative self. The former was just lucky to have support when she most needed it and eventually find happiness worth fighting for.

Wonger Egg Priority Ending Explained: Is Mr. Sawaki a Villain?

A few episodes earlier, Ai gathered the courage to ask Mr. Sawaki why Koito died. We never really find out what happened past that scene, but we do find out that Ai did not get a satisfying answer – and perhaps she no longer wishes to know.

This is until Our Ai's fight to protect AU Ai culminates in a troubling revelation. Mr. Sawaki is the monster AU Ai is haunted by. In his monstrous form, Ai's beloved teacher shows awareness of her crush, saying that a young girl's love is innocent while adult love is corrupted – essentially encouraging her to give up and stop living.

Throughout the anime, Mr. Sawaki had been set up to be the show's villain. While he never attempts to molest Ai, his interest in drawing her can be interpreted as creepy, and he was seen hugging Koito – who likely also had a crush on him. It's heavily implied that he knows something about Koito's death and that he was also behind AU Ai's suicide.

Ai, who has significantly matured throughout the season, decides not to believe in her teacher's villainy. She claims that what she is hearing isn't him but her own doubts about him, saying that her teacher is kind.

Is this true, or is Ai still in denial? The Wonder Egg Priority team decided to let us reach as own conclusions for now. If Mr. Sawaki is the villain, this would be too obvious to be a twist and it would mean that Ai's judgment is worse than we thought. But if he isn't a bad person, what does this imply for the other monsters? It would definitely be insensitive and harmful to suggest the abusers our main characters fought against aren't true villains so for now, it might be best to take Sawaki's ambiguity as a single case that shows just how complex Ai's story is.

Wonder Egg Priority Ending Explained: Frill, Monstrous Girls, and the Accas' Motivations

It is clear, though never explicitly stated, that Frill, the supposedly perfect daughter Acca and Ura-Acca created for themselves is now somewhere in the dream world. At least, her minions are. These are girls with insects or flowers where their heads should be; it's heavily implied that this is the case because Frill didn't want them to be prettier than she is.

Why did the Accas decide to put these monstrous girls in the dream world and how did they manage to keep them there? Why do the girls only attack our main characters only when their mission is complete? And why hasn't Frill ever made an appearance in the dream world?

Things were much easier to digest when the dream world was a surreal sort of afterlife rather than a technologically enhanced sci-fi nightmare controlled by two former humans. If the dream world is solely their creation, how are the dead children even saved at all? Is this entirely a façade?

We have only one indication that it isn't; Acca and Ura-Acca's motivations are definitely not pure, even though they claim that they want to prevent suicides. The idea of adult (and now post-human) men being so obsessed with girl's suicides is worrying, given that they are child abusers themselves.

While Frill wasn't human they treated her horribly to punish her for things she did because she didn't know any better. Ura-Acca especially, sometimes seems to care about the girls' welfare, or at least he's more likely to indulge them but he is far from innocent. And while Acca doesn't admit it, his ulterior motive for all this might be to save his own daughter, Himari. How is this even possible in a world of his own making? Hopefully, the Wonder Egg Priority Special will provide some answers.

Wonger Egg Priority Ending Explained: Where Are Our Main Characters Now?

The 12th episode of Wonder Egg Priority has been formative for Ai. She understood that her mother cared all along and aims to have a better relationship with her. She finally feels lucky to be alive and resolves to become a warrior that fights against the death wish that plagues many teenagers like herself.

Her friends aren't so lucky. Rika and Momoe deal with their trauma in different ways. Momoe feels broken and wishes she had never started buying wonder eggs, while Rika, stubborn as ever, wants to keep fighting and avenge Mannen, her turtle companion.

Acca and Ura-Acca mentioned that they've never tried letting a girl keep fighting after having completed her mission and this might be dangerous for Rika. Then again, as we established above, they're the Accas so they don't really care.

But what about Neiru? Out of the four, she got the least of a resolution. She is still on good terms with Ai, presumably still fighting, but she has yet to experience a significant turning point in the dream world. Her friend Kotobuki's death was such a turning point, but what about Neiru's sister, who stabbed her before killing herself? Even if Neiru claims not to care about her sister, we can't help feeling that this was too important a plot point to simply drop. We can only assume that the Special episode will have some sort of resolution for Neiru as well.

The Wonder Egg team might have been overly optimistic in their decision to pack so much in just 12 episodes. A Season 2 seems unlikely since the special has been confirmed as the show's conclusion. Paradoxically, Wonger Egg Priority seems to thrive in its ambiguity, being even more worth watching because of it. If our main characters are at least able to get satisfying conclusions, a lot will be forgiven.

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