Wolf Pack Release Date, Spoilers & Update: What You Need To Know About The Teen Wolf Spinoff

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The Teen Wolf franchise is far from ended, and with a Wolf Pack spin-off in the works, here's all we know so far.

Wolf Pack Plot

Wolf Pack is based on Edo Van Belkom's book series and follows Everett and Blake, who meet after a mysterious beast rises from a forest fire and causes havoc in their town.


Their chance meeting leads them to two other teenagers, Harlan and Luna, who were adopted by a park ranger following a similarly strange wildfire sixteen years ago.

With the full moon overhead, the four set out to discover the mysteries surrounding a dark werewolf secret that links them.

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Wolf Pack Cast

Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, and Tyler Lawrence Gray have been cast as the four leads in Wolf Pack, according to a press statement from Paramount+. Blake will be portrayed by Bella Shepard, and Everett will be portrayed by Armani Jackson. They will also be joined by newcomers Robertson and Lawrence, who will play Luna and Harlan, respectively.

How Wolf Pack Relates to Teen Wolf

The Teen Wolf movie will set up Wolf Pack, according to a tweet from Paramount+. The Teen Wolf movie may answer some unanswered questions from the original series, but the connection between it and Wolf Pack is still mostly unknown at this moment.


However, because Wolf Pack, like Teen Wolf, is being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, it is possible that its storyline — or at least a portion of it — may incorporate Scott McCall's hometown, Beacon Hills.

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Wolf Pack Release Date

Wolf Pack's production began in the last week of June 2022, according to TV Line, and it is set to broadcast on Paramount+ at the end of 2022. However, given that the Teen Wolf film is supposed to set the stage for its plot, Wolf Pack's release date could be pushed back to early 2023.

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