Will There Be Big Mouth Season 2? Here's What We Expect to Happen After The Recent Kdrama Ending

Credit: ASTORY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ASTORY/YouTube Screenshot

The Kdrama internet has been in chaos these past few days after the conclusion of Big Mouth on September 17, 2022. After the series ended, some even started binge-watching Big Mouth season 1, hoping there would be a season 2. And if you're one of those waiting for an official announcement about Big Mouth Season 2, then read on.

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What Is The Plot Of Big Mouth?

Big Mouth is a hard-boiled noir Kdrama spearheaded by Girls' Generation member YoonA and actor Lee Jong Suk. The series is directed by Oh Choong Hwan and written by Kim Ha Ram.

It started to air on MBC on July 29, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. The pilot episode received a nationwide viewership rating of 6.2%.

Big Mouth tells the story of Park Changho, a lawyer with a low success rate who suddenly becomes the center of attention as he becomes the Big Mouse of the dark realm. His life takes a 180-degree turn, but his eyes glow with a frigid vitality despite the darkness surrounding him.

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Will There Be Big Mouth Season 2?

After ending in hot popularity, the production of Big Mouth constantly receives questions about whether the Kdrama will return for season 2.

A day after the series concluded, the production answered Kdrama fans' number one question: will there be Big Mouth season 2? In an interview released by Star News on September 18, the production carefully commented that it is still too early to talk about Big Mouth Season 2 yet.

According to them, the main story of the last 16 episodes has already been finished, but the possibility of producing Big Mouth Season 2 has been left open.

In particular, Big Mouth Episode 16, the show's last episode, has a message from the production team, thanking everyone who sent love and support to the Kdrama. This just means that they have ended the Kdrama without initial thoughts of extending it for season 2. However, Kdrama fans still are sending theories that will possibly be used for Big Mouth Season 2.

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Big Mouth Season 2 Possible Cast

Although YoonA's character has already died, some fans thought that she and Lee Jong Suk could return for season 2 as college students and tell the story of how they fell in love with each other and the latter's journey towards his dream of being a lawyer.

Some even thought of Big Mouth Season 2 focusing on Park Changho's role as the new Big Mouse and continuing to do good.

So if Big Mouth Season 2 pushes through, we can expect the original cast members to return. Most probably, their younger versions or new actors who will portray their roles.

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Big Mouth has created such an amazing feat, starting with its premiere in July, with a nationwide viewership rating of 6.2%. Huge expectations on whether Big Mouth Season 2 will occur, especially as the first instalment exceeded 10% ratings and became a relief pitcher for MBC Kdramas.

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