Will Pixar's Lightyear Be Released on Disney Plus?

One of this years’ much-awaited Pixar releases would be Lightyear and it would be voiced by Chris Evans. However, there has been some tension going on where the film would be released as it might not see the light of day in theaters given that previous films from the studio suffered that fate which brings the question of whether the movie would exclusively be out on Disney Plus.

Will Pixar's Lightyear Be Released on Disney Plus?

Will Pixar's Lightyear Be Released on Disney Plus?
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Will Pixar's Lightyear Be Released on Disney Plus?

Buzz Lightyear has been a staple name when it comes to animated characters as he bannered one of the most famous franchises that Pixar has, Toy Story, alongside Woody. Who would’ve ever forgotten his words “to infinity and beyond,” right? To date, it remains as iconic as the first time Buzz Lightyear ever said it, and much to the delight of the fans, in his own spinoff movie, he would be voiced by Chris Evans.

Lightyear will be focusing on Buzz’s origin story, the hero behind the Space Ranger, not the toy but the person who inspired it, and it would be Chris Evans, known for being Captain America for years, voicing the role, a perfect fit as he would play another beloved hero. However, things are stirring up some tension whether the film would follow the footsteps of the previous releases of Pixar.

Undoubtedly, Lightyear would be out on Disney Plus with Pixar being under the umbrella of Disney along with Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

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However, the question of whether it would be released on Disney Plus exclusively remains. If so, it would only come out on the streaming platform and not on theaters. Recently, Pixar films have suffered the blow of the pandemic with the new strategy of Disney to exclusively release Pixar films on the streaming platform only. Films such as Soul, Luca, and Turning Red didn’t reach the cinemas.

Many people remain hopeful that Lightyear would be on cinemas now that the industry has been starting to build itself from the ground up. However, the final decision remains with Disney. Hopefully, Buzz being a staple character and having Chris Evans voice the role plays some consideration whether the film would be out in cinemas.

Lightyear will be released on June 17, 2022. It is yet unknown whether the film would be out on theaters or on Disney Plus exclusively.

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