Why Marvel's Avengers Gave Captain America's Shield a Slight Redesign

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Marvel's Avengers has been giving Captain America a lot of love recently, giving him a short trailer that showed off his character model. This is fine since a lot of people love the super soldier and he looks like the most fun character to use, thus far. Fans have criticized Cap's default costume before but only a few people noticed that his shield received a slight redesign.

On Twitter, the official Marvel's Avengers account explained that the group's expansion to the West Coast and beyond meant that Steve Rogers needed a shield that would represent this. This is why the star is designed to reach out of the blue since it shows Steve is willing to go beyond what is expected of him. It's a pretty great explanation and shows that the developers took this redesign seriously.

Shame about the shoulder pads, but hey, that's what the iconic chainmail costume is for.

Captain America, despite seemingly dying in the prologue, will likely play a big role in the story and can be used on a variety of missions. We've seen him fight some of Taskmaster's grunts and some A.I.M. goons, so we can only assume that Hydra is next. It will be interesting to see how Cap returns and where he disappears to.

Here's hoping that it isn't time travel. Either way, I'll be buying this game day one.

Marvel's Avengers will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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