Why Amazon's The Boys Didn't Include Some of the Comic's Major Characters

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The Boys is another quality series from Amazon Prime, up there with shows like American Gods and Good Omens. Whether you love or hate the influence of superheroes in the media, this new show is essential watching for everyone. Despite its qualities, some fans might take umbrage over how some characters from the comics don't appear in the series at all. Showrunner Eric Kripke spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed why some major comic book characters didn't appear.

One character who only appears in a flashback is Terror the bulldog, who is everyone's favorite in the comic books. While the canine does appear in one flashback, it doesn't appear anytime after, though Kripke does have a decent explanation for this. Kripke admits that working with real-life animals is hard so he didn't want to risk it.

"The reason Terror doesn't have a larger role this season is the most boring and practical one, which is it's so f—ing hard to work with animals. We have such an unbelievably challenging show anyway that I was just too intimidated by the idea of having an animal who doesn't listen to directors and doesn't care about your stunt or pyrotechnic and your CG or your green screen, just doesn't give a sh— about any of it."

Another character fans were hoping to see was Jack from Jupiter, who is meant to be a Martian Manhunter-like hero. They decided to ditch this character entirely because a decision was made to ground this movie in "real-life." What they mean by that is they only wanted normal people to have superpowers, so we can see how playing God affects their psyche.

"No gods from mythology, no aliens from other planets. It's only humans who suddenly found themselves with these extraordinary abilities."

Fans can check out The Boys right now on Amazon Prime. The first season is complete, with a second season coming soon.

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