Which Witcher 3 DLC To Play First?

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Which Witcher 3 DLC To Play First
Credit: CD Projekt RED

The Witcher Season 3 might be a long way away for the time being, but this doesn't mean we don't have great Witcher media to check out in the meantime. If you hope to get a better taste of the world of The Witcher, and perhaps understand a bit more than in the rather confusing Season 2, The Witcher 3 game is your best bet. But which DLC should you play first in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt?

Which Witcher 3 DLC To Play First?

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Credit: CD Projekt Red

After completing the original Witcher 3 content, it is recommended that you play the DLCs by release order.


After you complete Wild Hunt, the main story - which should take a while if you're also doing the side quests - you should play Hearts of Stone, leaving Blood and Wine, the last DLC, as the very last thing you will do.

Theoretically, Hearts of Stone can be played anytime. Having been released later than the rest of the game, it was originally meant to be played after, but you can play it whenever you feel comfortable with no major issue.

It is, however, strongly recommended that you leave Blood and Wine for last, not only to avoid major plot spoilers but also to ensure that you have leveled up sufficiently, as a lower lever will make this story almost impossible to win.

If you have properly leveled up by completing a lot of the main and side quests, playing Blood and Wine is bound to be more satisfying!

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For the uninitiated, DLC stands for Downloadable Content. This type of content is additional video game content that often comes out later to complement an existing game, for instance by offering new quests and new locations.

Hearts of Stone adds about 10 hours of gameplay to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt while Blood and Wine adds over 40 hours, so they're worth considering for fans of the original game.

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