Where to Buy Graniph x One Piece Anniversary Collection: Here Are All the Details

where to buy graniph one piece luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

where to buy graniph one piece luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

To celebrate its upcoming 25th anniversary, One Piece teamed up with Graniph for a new fashion collab. For fans who want to get this new lineup, here’s a guide on where to buy the Graniph x One Piece collection.

This new fashion line is a must-have for big One Piece fans as it features a wide array of pieces with eye-catching designs.

Take note that the items in this collection are a bit more expensive than pieces from typical fast fashion retailers.

One Piece 25th Anniversary Collab: All Items in the Collection

Graniph is a Japanese fashion brand that has become popular for its graphic tees and accessories. The brand is also no stranger to anime as it has collaborated with popular titles like Dragon Ball.

As expected, its latest One Piece collection is dominated by graphic tees. There are 26 pieces in the collection, and 15 of them are graphic t-shirts.

Of course, there are other items here such as a black hoodie with a creative One Piece logo, as well as a knit cardigan featuring a Chopper design.

Other apparel pieces include button-up shirts, as well as patterned shorts. Finally, there are socks and two hats to round out the lineup.

Unlike One Piece’s previous Uniqlo collab, this new lineup features more creative graphics, though there are pieces here with graphics taken straight out of the anime like Luffy’s Jolly Roger.

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The One Piece x Graniph Collab Price List

The pieces here aren’t that expensive for a limited collab, though expect to shell out a bit more compared with other brands.

Here’s a list of the prices of the Graniph line:

  • Socks – 1,200 JPY (around 8 USD)
  • Kids t-shirt – 2,500 JPY (around 16.7 USD)
  • T-shirt – 3,500 JPY to 4,500 JPY (around 23.4 USD to 30 USD)
  • Baseball cap – 3,500 JPY (around 23.4 USD)
  • Bucket hat – 3,900 JPY (around 26 USD)
  • Kids shorts – 4,900 JPY (around 32.7 USD)
  • Hoodie – 5,900 JPY (around 39.4 USD)
  • Shorts – 6,900 JPY (around 46 USD)
  • Open-collar shirts – 6,900 JPY (around 46 USD)
  • Knit cardigan – 6,900 JPY (around 46 USD)

Where to Buy the Graniph x One Piece Anniversary Collection

The Graniph x One Piece collection is available for pre-order now on the Graniph online store in Japan. Orders will then be shipped beginning February 27.

This collab will also be released in Graniph stores in Japan, though they won’t be available in outlet stores. Pre-sale will also begin in Graniph Tokyo and Graniph Store & Art Shinsaibashi beginning February 22.

Finally, fans outside of Japan will need to order from the Japanese store and have their items shipped via package forwarding services, as this collab likely won’t be officially released outside of Japan.

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