What's Happening With Bloodborne in 2022?

The State of Bloodborne Leaks and Rumors 4
Credit: Sony

The State of Bloodborne Leaks and Rumors 4
Credit: Sony

To all the hunters out there, may the good blood guide your way, as the path has become quite dark in recent years, with many, many rumors about more Bloodborne coming without anything actually being announced. So, this all begs the question, what's really going on with Bloodborne? Not to worry, because in this article we'll tell you everything you need to know about Bloodborne in 2022.

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The State of Bloodborne Leaks and Rumors

The State of Bloodborne Leaks and Rumors
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Credit: Sony

For years now, Bloodborne rumors have been coming out. Whether it's the game coming to PC, being remastered for PS5, or just getting a 60FPS update, not to mention the rumors about a sequel. In recent history, in fact, Jason Schreier has commented that a Bloodborne remaster isn't being worked on, while Colin Moriarity has hinted that it is being worked on.

We can play gaming insider bingo, at this point, with all the rumors. Regardless of what you want to believe, chances are somebody has leaked something saying that's happening. Accordingly, it's hard to know what (if anything) to believe or take seriously. Clearly, nothing's come out, so everybody's been wrong so far, right?

To some extent, this is true, but there's also something to be said for the where there's smoke, there's fire line of thinking. When you have rumors and leaks about a game continuously drop for years while the larger playerbase desperately wants any kind of Bloodborne content, it becomes hard to believe Sony wouldn't have anything in development.

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So, Is Bloodborne Getting Remastered, Updated, Or a Sequel?

The State of Bloodborne Leaks and Rumors 2
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Credit: Sony

That's the million-dollar question, right? The thing is, though, that if Sony wasn't planning a larger remaster, remake, or sequel, there would be literally no reason not to include Bloodborne in the list of updated for PS5 Sony exclusives, allowing the game to do 4K/60FPS on PS5.

In every way, that's free money, and Sony isn't really known for being a company that hears what its community is crying out for and just ignores it. That's why we got a full-scale remake of Demon's Souls, a less popular game than Bloodborne. Plus, Sony's a business, and it wants to make money.

Some people try and speculate that, well, FromSoftware is a big company now, too busy to work on Bloodborne content, and that just doesn't make sense, either. like Demon's Souls, Sony owns the Bloodborne IP and can do whatever it wants with it, independent of FromSoftware.

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The only interpretation of the situation that makes any sense is that Sony is hard at work on a remaster alongside, maybe, some kind of new Bloodborne content, for which they've got a number of internal studios perfect for this, so that's why we aren't seeing a Bloodborne update on PS5.

Similar can be said about PC Bloodborne. Sony's been releasing games on PC for years now, and with each game announcement and release, people ask for Bloodborne above all else. Considering Sony has promised even more games will come to PC, it doesn't make much sense that an old game everyone is asking for on PC wouldn't make the cut.

Unless, of course, Sony's working on a Bloodborne remaster of some kind and don't want to undercut PS5 sales by releasing this on PC alongside the new console version. That would, again, actually start to make some sense.

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Bloodborne Content Is Perfect For Sony

The State of Bloodborne Leaks and Rumors 3
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Credit: Sony

In every way, more Bloodborne just makes sense for Sony.

First, they own the IP. It's up to them. Second, while FromSoftware probably won't develop a sequel or remaster, Sony owns Bluepoint Games, a studio famous for remasters, including the expertly-crafted Demon's Souls remake that required Bluepoint to upgrade and overhaul the shared engine Bloodborne also uses...

Not to mention that Bluepoint is reportedly working on a remaster alongside an original game, which would fit nicely with a Bloodborne remaster and a sequel. Considering all the interest in Bloodborne, a remaster whetting the appetite for a sequel, especially after the runaway success of Elden Ring, makes infinite sense.

Also, Sony has had FromSoftware develop an exclusive PlayStation game during PS3 and PS4, so it's probably fair to expect Sony will look for a similar deal on PS5, rather than trying to get FromSoftware to do more Bloodborne. Not to mention that more Bloodborne content would be great advertising for any future possible exclusive FromSoftware PS5 games.

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Of course, this all comes alongside the enormous popularity of FromSoftware games in the present moment. Elden Ring was an absolutely enormous success, demonstrating to everyone that FromSoftware is a legend of a game developer, and many gamers just want more FromSoft content in any way possible.

There's money to be made, maybe even a lot of money, and Sony is perfectly positioned to take advantage of that, so it's hard to believe that Sony just wants to leave that money on the table and upset gamers for no benefit.

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