What If...? Season 2 Release Date Possibly Revealed

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Last year, Marvel Studios and Disney+ unveiled the first season of the animated series What If...? which gave us an alternate universe take at some of our favorite moments in the MCU. The show is expected to run for multiple seasons given its anthology structure and fans have been patiently waiting to see more of their stories. Now, it looks like we may have the date now for its new season and it's sooner than you might think.


As reported by The Direct, the Disney+ Netherlands subscriber newsletter apparently leaked the release date of the second season of What If...? which will be on July 20. However, this information has not been confirmed by Disney+ nor Marvel as of this moment so we have to take it with a grain of salt and it is likely that it could just be a mistake on their part.

You can check the screenshot of the release date reveal in the newsletter here:

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Given that the alleged premiere date will be in just less than a month, it is likely that it might not be true since they haven't released any promotional materials yet for the new season. Most of the time, they release a trailer for an MCU TV project at least more than a month before it airs. If it's going to release on July 20, Disney+ should have started its marketing campaign by now.

However, you can also argue that they might not need to have a huge promotional campaign since it's on Disney+ and it doesn't require a gigantic push considering that it's the second season. Maybe their strategy this time around is to do minimal promotions for the upcoming season and focus their energy instead on the live-action shows.

Let's just wait for an official confirmation from Disney+ whether the leaked July 20 date is true or if they are releasing the season on a different date later this year. For now, it is hard to believe that they will release it already in just less than a month without any promotional campaign or even a little tease about what they have in store for the season.


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As we're waiting for an official announcement, you can catch the first season of What If...? which is available to stream on Disney+.