Westworld Season 4 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Evan Rachel Wood's Character Appears To Have Been Resurrected

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HBO has released the first Westworld Season 4 teaser. The two-minute clip teases some of the answers to puzzles fans have been asking about since Season 3. The biggest puzzle of all has been solved: we now have a release date!

Westworld Season 4 shows a red-haired Dolores

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) sacrificed herself at the end of Season 3 to prevent Rehoboam from controlling the human population. Wood was spotted on the set of Westworld Season 4 despite her and the show's creators remaining tight-lipped about Dolores' return. On the set, Wood's hair was blazing red.


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A red-haired Wood wearing a green suit walks through a crowd in the Westworld Season 4 trailer. She then appears in a bar, but is it Dolores? A later view of Wood immersed in water hints she could be Dolores' reincarnation or something else entirely.

The clip shows Maeve (Thandie Newton), one of our returning characters, strolling through a field. Later, she and Caleb (Aaron Paul) are on the stage of an empty theater, taking the needle off a Victrola. At the start of the trailer, Caleb is perched atop a skyscraper. Later, he crawls on the floor to get away from what appears to be a skinless host.

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While couples dance around Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), she gives a cryptic "shh." Ashley (Luke Hemsworth) encounters the Man in Black (Ed Harris) in town. Bernard observes a tree catch fire. Finally, a tommy gun proposes another host park situated in the realm of criminals from the 1920s.

Westworld Season 4 release date

HBO executives promised earlier this year that Westworld Season 4 would premiere this summer. At the time, they did not provide a precise date. Westworld will return on June 26, according to the trailer and announcement. New episodes are released on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO, as well as on HBO Max.


The Westworld Season 4 trailer featured a montage set to Lou Reed's Perfect Day. There was no plot or dialogue, but there were plenty of striking images, such as a host's face breaking in half and some sort of insect (or nanobots?) emerging.

By nearly two months, this will be the largest delay between Westworld seasons. Season 3 will conclude on May 3, 2020. Seasons 2 and 3 were separated by 21 months, and Seasons 1 and 2 by 16 months.

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