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Wednesday Season 2: Pugsley Addams May Play Bigger Role in the New Season

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Pugsley Addams (Isaac Ordonez) is about to play a bigger role in Wednesday Season 2. Fans may see more of Wednesday’s (Jenna Ortega) little brother after his minor appearances in the first season.

Pugsley had a smaller role in the series than his family and Thing in the first season. However, things are about to change when Wednesday Season 2 begins.

The Importance of Pugsley in Wednesday

According to Screen Rant, a major reason that Pugsley plays an important role in the series is that Wednesday’s story may have never happened without him.

In the first season’s premiere episode, Wednesday got expelled from the school because she unleashed piranhas on the swimming pool with a group of boys to avenge her brother from his bullies.

If this didn’t happen, she wouldn’t be in Nevermore.

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Sure, she might be expelled due to her track record. But she rarely defends herself but will do everything to protect her brother.

That said, her being a protective sister just shows Pugsley is also her weakness. She’s willing to do everything to look after Pugsley, not even minding if she is expelled from her school.

That said, Pugsley may play a major role in Wednesday Season 2.

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After Thing accompanied Wednesday in the first season, the next installment may see more of the lead star’s family.

Wednesday Season 2 to Explore Wednesday’s Latina Character

In an interview with IndieWire, the show’s co-creator Miles Millar and writing partner Al Gough revealed their plan to explore Wednesday’s Latina character in Wednesday Season 2.

“It’s so rare to find an iconic [Latina] character of this stature,” Millar said. “We really try to find ways to [highlight that] authentically.”

The new season would try to answer questions like, “What would Wednesday listen to when she was growing up? What would Gomez be playing? And finding moments where we could really make it feel like a girl who’s grown up in New Jersey with a Latino parent, and how would that resonate with her as a teen?”

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“Certainly, this season we’re looking for more ways to explore that,” Millar teased.

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