VALORANT Snowfall Bundle Leaked by Dataminer

Get ready for another VALORANT weapon skin bundle to arrive in the game's store just in time for the holiday season. A new "Snowfall" skin bundle will give players the chance to purchase festive cosmetics.

VALORANT Snowfall Bundle
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Credit: Riot Games
VALORANT Snowfall Bundle

VALORANT data miners recently leaked the new Snowfall bundle today, which consists of weapon skins for Classic, Phantom, Judge, Ares, and a wonderful Snowfall Wand. It also comes with a special snow globe buddy. The cosmetics feature an animated design showing a Christmas village with snowy landscapes and colorful presents. The Snowfall Wand features a snow globe and mistletoe perfect for the holiday season. These new weapon skins are similar to the Winter Wonderland skin bundle Riot released last year, so it will probably cost just as much.

The Snowfall bundle has not been officially revealed by Riot Games, but they were added to VALORANT in Patch 3.12. Players can preview each skin in the game to get a closer look before they're added to the in-game store. The prices for the entire bundle and individual weapons haven't been revealed yet, but it's likely that it won't be premium level, so expect this to cost less than $50 USD. The weapon skins don't look upgradeable, so you can save you Radianite Points (RP) to upgrade other cosmetics.

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VALORANT Champions 2021, the game's biggest esports tournament of the year, is still happening until this Sunday, Dec. 12, so it's likely that the new Snowfall bundle will replace the Champions 2021 bundle after the event next week. Currently, the tournament is having its quarterfinals matches, and you can watch the event live at the game's official Twitch channel.

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