Valorant Players Discover New Cypher One-Way Smoke After The Latest Update

Riot Games introduced major changes to Split in the latest Valorant patch, making it easier for attackers to push and take sites. However, players have already discovered new ways to defend sites, including a new one-way smoke for Cypher.

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Valorant players discovered a new spot on Split where Cypher can place his Cyber Cage to create a one-way smoke in B main. The Cypher Cage is a deployable "smoke effect" that covers an area and makes a sound when enemies walk through the cage. Cypher can throw the Cyber Cage where he wants it to appear, and he can activate it at a distance as needed.

There's a new small box in the corner of B site on Split where players can jump on to reach a higher create in the corner, and from this spot, Cypher can throw his Cyber Cage on a small ledge directly above the B main entrance. When activated, this creates a one-way smoke, which means that defenders on site can shoot at attackers without being seen from the other end.

In the video clip shared by Redditor Phamwow, you can watch the new spot where Cypher can place his Cyber Cage:

New Split | Cypher B Main One Way

Players also discovered a new spot where Sage can place her wall on Split's B site:

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As a Cypher main, I think this is a great spot to put a Cypher Cage even though it will be easier for attackers to take B site on Split.

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