VALORANT Player Recreates Butterfly Knife Animation in Real Life

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Riot Games recently launched the new Recon Collection bundle in VALORANT, featuring military-inspired weapon cosmetics for the Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom as well as the butterfly knife, which has awesome animation that would motivate players to buy more Valorant Points.

A VALORANT player was able to replicate the in-game butterfly knife animation in real life, and it looks pretty impressive.

Valorant Butterfly Knife
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Credit: Riot Games

Redditor Hehethatfuny shared a clip of themselves replicating the in-game buttferly knife animation in real life with ease, but warning people that this is dangerous to try. The post shows a slow-motion version of the clip, revealing the intricate movements of the balisong.

You can watch the clip below:

Since Riot Games launched VALORANT last year, many players have requested a butterfly knife added to the game. The butterfly knife was iconic in Valve's tactical shooter CS:GO, and since many players have switched to VALORANT, it's not surprising that many players have requested Riot to add it in the game.

Valorant Recon Bundle
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Credit: Riot Games
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Riot Games granted the players' request, and included the butterfly knife melee in the latest weapon skin bundle, which costs 7,100 VP, but players can buy the cosmetics individually, and the butterfly knife costs around 3,500 VP. Players will need to use Radianite Points to upgrade the butterfly knife to get the cool animation.


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