VALORANT Patch Notes 4.05: Brimstone Nerf, Crosshair Sharing Feature, Deterministic Map System & Bug Fixes

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Riot Games has released VALORANT Patch 4.05, and it comes with a variety of changes including a nerf to the recently-buffed Controller agent, Brimstone, the ability to share crosshair settings via auto-generated codes, and bug fixes. The developer also noted that they will work on bug fixes for the map Icebox, but those updates will most likely arrive in the next patch.

VALORANT Brimstone
Credit: Riot Games
VALORANT Brimstone

Continuing the trend of VALORANT Episode 4, Patch 4.05 yet again focused on improving several gameplay aspects, including an update on the “Prioritize Strongest Weapon” setting and enabling the Deterministic Map System, which should help increase the variety of maps in your queue.

Brimstone, who recently received buffs in Patch 4.04, has been seeing more competitive play while other controllers like Astra and Viper have seen due to their nerfs. Now, Riot has nerfed his Stim Beacon ability to balance the agent.

Other than Brimstone, no other agent has been affected directly with this update, so if you're hoping for a Phoenix or Astra buff, you might have to wait longer, if they are coming at all. We will keep you updated at @ValorantSource on Twitter.

Check out the full patch notes below:

VALORANT Patch 4.05 Notes


  • Stim Beacon
    • Charges reduced 2 >>> 1
    • Cost increased 100 >>> 200


  • Added the ability to import and export different crosshair settings via auto-generated codes.
    • To export and share your personal crosshair settings, go to Settings >> Crosshair tab >> click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing up, found next to Crosshair Profile (it looks like an up arrow chilling in the middle of a bowl). Your auto-generated code will be copied to your clipboard.
  • To import crosshair settings, go to Settings >> Crosshair tab >> click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down next to Crosshair Profile. Input or paste the code in the provided field and click the “Import” button.
    • The crosshair preview at the top of the Settings Menu should reflect the imported settings. Make sure to give it a unique profile name!

Updated “Prioritize Strongest Weapon” setting


The goal behind this setting is to allow players to traverse quickly with melee equipped and be combat-ready after using an ability or interacting with the Spike, ult orbs, etc. Two changes were made.

  • Reworked ‘Prioritize Strongest Weapon’ setting
    • Renamed setting to Auto-Equip Prioritizes: Most Recent | Strongest
    • Updated the priority system to support weapon-like abilities (previous priority: Primary > Secondary > Melee)
      • New priority: (Ultimate & Primary) > (Secondary & Chamber Pistol) > Melee
      • Resolve priority ties by selecting the more recently equipped weapon
  • Added a new setting: Don’t Auto-Equip Melee
    • Skips past the melee when finding the most recent weapon to auto-equip.
    • Prevents pulling the melee back out after channeling or casting abilities, without changing any other auto-equip behavior.


  • Deterministic Map System enabled for all regions



  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Leave Match button to function incorrectly for PBE players

Known Issues

Credit: Riot Games


  • There are a handful of bug fixes prepped for Icebox, but the team ran into an issue that blocked us from shipping them right at 4.05 launch. We hope to ship these before the next patch and will list them here as soon as we do.