Riot Teases New VALORANT Map With Mysterious Image

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On Monday, Riot Games shared a new teaser image on what appears to be an upcoming VALORANT map, which will most likely be released when the Episode 3, Act 2 this September.

Valorant Canyon
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot has shared the first official teaser about the seventh VALORANT map, and it comes with cryptic text in different languages. The developer is asking fans to decode the message.

The teaser image features the same facility with divided climates: There's lush greenery on one side, and desert landscape on another. There's also a mysterious blue object beneath the surface at the center.

The teaser says the German words "entzweite weiten," which in English roughly means "divided expanses". At the bottom of the image, there's "Futuros Revelados," which translates to "futures revealed". On the upper right, there's Japanese and Chinese texts translating to kingdom and disintegrate.

There's also a small image that shows a close-up shot of the desert half of the map, and you can spot a letter B, which most likely means that this will be the B site area of the map. Another image shows a closer look at the blue object at the center, which looks like a machine.

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VALORANT fans noticed hints about the new map in the Year One Anthem video. Lore enthusiasts also noticed the flora in the Night Market image. Earlier this month, dataminers have found more details about the next VALORANT map, which is codenamed Canyon.

According to Twitter user ValorLeaks, the next VALORANT act will reportedly just a new map instead of a new agent, so it's likely that this mysterious map will be released when Episode 3, Act 2 launches around September 8, but Riot hasn't officially confirmed yet.

For more details about the upcoming map, check out everything we know about Canyon here.


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