TWICE Sana Relationship 2022: Idol’s Ideal Type, Past Encounter Uncovered

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K-pop idols rarely talk about dating and relationships. TWICE Sana and her co-members are no different as they keep most details of their personal lives private.

Since the all-female act's debut in 2015, the 25-year-old artist has not dated anyone in public. Although there were some dating rumors, no confirmations surfaced, and they are all highly speculative at best.


To date, fans and followers believe that Sana is single and not in a relationship. But, she once shared what she looks for in a partner, as well as some details about the boy she liked during her younger years.

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TWICE Sana Details Her Ideal Type

Channel-Korea recalled that the TWICE member previously talked about her "ideal type." She was said to have revealed some details, including her preferences.


Reportedly, the K-pop idol likes someone who can treat her parents very well. As noted, if she is to look for a partner, she wants that person to be good to her mother and father.

The outlet continued that Sana also prefers someone who is passionate about their work, adding that she likes a partner who works hard in their chosen profession.

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About Her "Past Relationship"

There is little to no information about the TWICE member's past relationships. It is unknown whether she had one even prior to her debut as an idol nearly seven years ago.


But, Sana once shared a story about a boy she liked when she was in kindergarten. She said she gifted him a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day at the time, according to Koreaboo.

The K-pop idol told her co-members that the unnamed boy was so touched upon receiving her gift. She even stated that he cried because of the gesture, noting that "he was so thankful."

In the end, Sana recalled the boy and his mother approaching her and her mother to thank her for the kind act.

Watch this space for more TWICE Sana news.


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