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Toy Story 4 Still Doesn't Have Any Negative Reviews

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While a lot of us had our doubts, if the critics are right then Toy Story 4 might be one of the finest Pixar films out there. Currently, the film stands at a jaw-dropping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and, to the surprise of many, it has remained that way for several days. Most of us had assumed that the score would have been lowered to 90% or higher but that isn't the case since there are no negative reviews yet. has pointed out how the movie still has no negative reviews, which could mean that we're in for one emotional roller coaster. We're three days away from the movie coming out in theaters and the film has already garnered more than a hundred reviews, so this is really a sight to behold.

This probably won't last too long since negative reviews are bound to come after the first few days of Toy Story 4 coming out. Whether they come from the audience scores or actual film critics isn't known yet but it's inevitable. If this movie manages to stay at 100% for the rest of its life, that will be amazing.

Fans will be able to go on one more nostalgia trip as Toy Story 4 comes out on June 20. The film is expected to make many of us feel emotions we didn't even know were in our bodies so that should be fun. Prepare some tissues.

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