Tom Cruise Heartbreak: Nicole Kidman's Ex Pursuing Lady Gaga By Showering Her Lots Of Attention? Katie Holmes Reportedly Shut Down Suri Cruise's Reunion With Her Dad

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Tom Cruise made it to the headlines again recently when he attended the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The former husband of Katie Holmes, who has reprised his role in the popular movie, was all smiles as he led the Duchess of Cambridge along the red carpet.

After undergoing three failed marriages before, Tom Cruise has kept details of his personal life – including his love life – under wraps. As a matter of fact, the father of Suri Cruise has not publicly announced a partner since his divorce from former ladylove, Katie Holmes.

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Now, a new report suggests that Tom Cruise is crushing hard on Lady Gaga, but the “Poker Face” hitmaker has reportedly banished the good-looking American actor to the friend zone. Keep on reading to know more details.


Is Tom Cruise Giving Lady Gaga Lots Of Attention Lately?

National Enquirer, in its upcoming May 30, 2022 issue, reported that Lady Gaga wowed Tom Cruise with “Hold My Hand,” her stirring theme song for his new movie titled Top Gun: Maverick. Since then, the former lover of Katie Holmes has reportedly been blowing up the “Paparazzi” singer’s phone.

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Tom Cruise reportedly showered Lady Gaga with gifts and flowers and even begged the House of Gucci actress to spend more time with him. An unnamed source told the entertainment news publication:

“Tom has always been a fan and personally reached out to Gaga to write the song. It’s no surprise he developed a huge crush on her after they worked together.”

However, insiders close to the situation stated that Lady Gaga is not taking the bait from Tom Cruise because she is head over heels for businessman beau Michael Polansky.

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Another unidentified informant claimed that the “Bad Romance” hitmaker, who earned an Oscar nod in 2019 for her exemplary performance in A Star Is Born, is not completely icing out the Mission: Impossible Fallout star because “she also knows he can be a big help to her acting career.”

Earlier this month, Tom Cruise publicly praised Lady Gaga for her original song for the Top Gun: Maverick movie. The Jack Reacher actor also talked about a recent trip he took to see the “Judas” singer’s Vegas residency.

Tom Cruise told E! News’ Daily Pop:

"I just was entertained, and she just blew us all away. I have so much respect for her. "['Hold My Hand'] matches and brings a level of cinematic emotion to this. When I heard it, I was like, ‘You're over there, we're over here, and somehow, we are telling the same story here,' and it just works in a way that took those moments and they became more transcendent. So, I just think she's a force of nature, and I love Gaga."

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Suri Cruise’s dad also shared the wildest thing he did while shooting the sequel movie:

"The craziest thing that I saw was how close those walls were as we're going through it. That was crazy. We were going through it with the G-force in those jets, and flying with those men and women that know how to command those aircraft, and to be able to fly in it was so much fun."

Tom Cruise has yet to comment on the reports saying that he is crushing hard on Lady Gaga. So, avid followers of Katie Holmes’ ex-lover should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Did Katie Holmes Shut Down Suri Cruise’s Reunion With Tom Cruise?

Meanwhile, New Idea reported that Tom Cruise was making some moves to reunite with Suri Cruise. However, sources told the entertainment outlet that Katie Holmes was not, at all, thrilled by the idea.

One tipster told the publication:

“Suri is naturally really curious about her father and is begging Katie to allow her to meet with him. Saying yes goes against Katie’s every instinct, but the reality is, Suri is old enough to make her own decisions.”

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Another New Idea report also claimed that Tom Cruise was not going to let Suri’s Sweet 16 pass without marking the occasion even if they are not communicating in the last 10 years. One source told the outlet that the American Made star planned to buy Suri a Tesla Model X, worth at least $90,000.

However, Katie Holmes reportedly had no intention of putting Suri in the driver’s seat just yet. So, an informant said the former wife of Tom Cruise allegedly shut the whole thing down, saying:

“The car is a nice gesture, if not a touch extravagant. But the thought of Suri driving in New York at her age is the stuff of nightmares for Katie.”

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Woman’s Day also reported that Suri Cruise was “desperate to see” Tom Cruise again. A tipster claimed:

“Suri makes out like being without her father is no big deal but it is.”

Other sources claimed Tom Cruise had plans to reunite with Suri Cruise. However, Katie Holmes was allegedly uncomfortable with the Oblivion actor’s public image, and she simply did not want her daughter to get swept up in it.


Katie Holmes has yet to respond to the claims that she is preventing Suri Cruise from reuniting with her father, Tom Cruise. So, devoted supporters of the Batman Begins actress should take these speculations lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

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