Thor Star Anthony Hopkins Unhappy with MCU Stint; Lambasts 'Pointless' Role

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Credit: Marvel Studios

I think we can all agree that the Marvel Cinematic Universe boasts an impressive roster of actors and being the biggest and hottest franchise in Hollywood, it was only natural that a who's who of A-list celebrities would be part of it.

Some big-time actors even volunteer to become involved in a Marvel project and it just shows the magnitude of these projects. However, it turns out that not everyone is actually satisfied with their involvement in the billion-dollar franchise.

Apparently, Hollywood icon Anthony Hopkins, who starred in three Thor films as the God of Thunder's father Odin was quite unhappy with his whole tenure and in a new interview, he shockingly ripped apart

Thor Actor Anthony Hopkins Shockingly Berates MCU Role in Scathing New Interview

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking with The New Yorker, the Silence of the Lambs actor aired his frustrations over his MCU stint and according to him, the whole experience of sitting in front of a green screen was "pointless".

He said: "They put me in armor; they shoved a beard on me. Sit on the throne, shout a bit. If you're sitting in front of a green screen, it's pointless acting it."

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It's a bit disheartening that the Oscar-winning star apparently felt the way he did for the MCU, especially considering he once credited the franchise for reinvigorating his career when he was ready to quit acting.

In the book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe released in 2021 (via Comic Book Resources), Hopkins shared how director Kenneth Branagh gave him his confidence back to act again.

"I was gonna give it up, really. But you see, [Branagh] won't let you do that. Working with Ken was quite an injection of new energy into my life."

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Thankfully, Hopkins wasn't involved in the divisive Thor: Love and Thunder because who knows what he would have said about the fourth film that even lead star Chris Hemsworth recently criticized for being overly comedic.

Meanwhile, all of your MCU favorites are available to stream on Disney+.


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