This Is Us Season 6 Episode 6 Release Date, Predictions: When Will The Pearsons Return?

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Five episodes of This Is Us Season 6 already aired on NBC. There will be 13 more installments to go before the Pearsons bid their last farewells to its avid fans and viewers.

But, before reaching its conclusion, the show will enter a month-long hiatus this February. This comes as the Winter Olympics will take over NBC and other NBC Universal channels.

So, when will the Pearsons return on small screens to provide fans with answers about the overall plot?

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This Is Us Season 6's Return To NBC

Cartermatt reported that the Winter Olympics would take over for weeks. It will officially begin on February 4 and conclude on February 20.

This, then, pushes back This Is Us Season 6 Episode 6 onto a much later date. It is predicted to air on the network on February 22, marking the show’s first major hiatus for this season.

Even so, there is no official word yet as to when the show will return to continue its course. The publication said that if NBC would delay the sixth episode’s premiere, then it would be challenging on their part as they would cram to release the rest of the episodes.

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About The Final Season Of The Show

This Is Us will end its overall plot this season. Although five episodes are already in, there are still a lot of questions that have remained unanswered.


Nevertheless, fans witnessed what happened after Kevin’s visit to the construction site in the fifth episode titled, Heart and Soul. Viewers also learned about Deja and Malik’s “controversial” news in the same installment, which aired on Tuesday.

Still, this leaves the much bigger questions unanswered. Us Weekly previously listed some of the things that avid viewers may or may not discover in the upcoming episodes.

These reportedly likely include the identity of Kevin’s wife and the location of Kate in the future. In addition, fans will probably learn the details of how Kate and Phillip got together, as well as the present events in Randall’s career.

This Is Us Season 6 houses a total of 18 episodes. Accordingly, more will unravel once it returns on NBC.

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