The Young and the Restless Speculations, News & Update: Wedding Bells Could Ring Again For This Couple

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Over the last two decades, fans of The Young and the Restless have witnessed the highs and lows of Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summer's romance. They've finally found their way back to each other. Some fans believe the couple will re-engage, while others are skeptical.

Phyllis & Jack might hit it off again in The Young and the Restless

Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott met in the early 2000s when she started working for Jack's family business, Jabot Cosmetics. The couple rapidly fell in love after a rough start to their relationship. However, this Y&R couple's happy ever after didn't last long. Over the last two decades, Jack and Phyllis have married and divorced twice.


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According to Fandom, Jack and Phyllis married for the first time in 2001. Unfortunately, Phyllis miscarried during their first marriage, causing a schism between the newlyweds. Simultaneously, Jack's ex-girlfriend, Diane Jenkins, returned to Genoa City with a significant secret. Kyle, her kid, was fathered by Jack.

A threat looms for the Y&R couple

Following the paternity revelation, Jack and Diane engaged in a bitter custody struggle. Unfortunately, Jack's custody struggle was also the final nail in his marriage to Phyllis. Years later, in 2015, Jack and Phyllis remarried. They divorced the following year, however.

Fans have recently witnessed the two rekindle their romance. Diane Jenkins has recently returned to Genoa City, which is unfortunate for Phyllis and Jack. Diane has made it apparent since her return that she is ready to throw another wrench in Phyllis and Jack's relationship.

Fans of The Young and the Restless believed Deacon Sharpe had murdered Diane a decade prior until early 2022. The show just revealed that Deacon assisted Diane in faking her death. Diane finally informed Jack and their son that she was alive and well in Los Angeles after a series of incidents.

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A Y&R love triangle

Another love triangle appears to be building in Genoa City between Jack, Phyllis, and Diane. However, fans of The Young and the Restless are divided over which pair they want to see win in the endgame.

Some fans believe Jack and Phyllis are engaged, while others believe Jack should leave Phyllis for Diane. Devoted Y&R fans flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions.

When it comes to this The Young and the Restless love triangle, people have conflicting feelings. Only time will tell if the third time is the charm for Jack and Phyllis or if their romance will crash and burn once more with a little help from Diane.

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