The Witcher Star Freya Allan Details Ciri's Mysterious Powers

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix's The Witcher, being an adaptation, has a lot of things that fans love from Andrej Sapkowski's novels. However, there is one slight change within the series that fans got really surprised about, and it involves the character of Princess Cirilla.

This article contains SPOILERS for Netflix's The Witcher.

The first season already gave us a glimpse of Ciri's powers and what she might be capable of. Her powerful sonic scream was teased in some episodes, even in the pilot where she accidentally got the glasses on the table shaking.

In a recent interview with Comicbook, Ciri actress Freya Allan talks more about the character's mysterious abilities. "I think Ciri herself doesn't seem to see it as an opportunity," she said. "I think it comes out of pure fear, and it happens to allow her to be protected in some way."

That being said, Allan thinks Ciri doesn't actually see her powers as something that protects her. Her powers are "quite dark and terrifying" because Ciri doesn't know how to control it yet. The actress says Ciri is scared of the thought that her powers were a secret that has been kept from her. This makes her think about whether or not there are other things that her family has been keeping from her all this time.

"And also, a power that great you can't control, she worries she might hurt people that she didn't mean to hurt," she added. Allan says this makes Ciri feel "isolated" because she knows she is special. "I don't think she want necessarily to be special. She just wants to go back to the way everything was before," Allan explained, which is why she thinks Ciri didn't see it as an opportunity.

"But, me looking at it as an actor, and where the journey might go, well now, I think definitely could be," she said. "It's definitely an interesting thing that Ciri is going to get to work on." Allan says she hopes Ciri will get a bit better at it soon so she won't be "screaming her head off" every time she uses her powers.

It's surely intriguing to know how she will be able to use her powers aside from actually screaming. For now, fans would have to wait to learn more about her abilities and the adventures that Ciri and Geralt would have together in the second season.


The Witcher Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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