The Watcher Season 2: Here’s What Jennifer Coolidge Wants to Do to her Character Karen

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Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Netflix is yet to confirm the coming of The Watcher Season 2, but Jennifer Coolidge already has something in mind for what she wants to do with her character, Karen.

Coolidge and the series creator Ryan Murphy talked about the possible The Watcher Season 2, and the former would like her character to do. By the looks of it, just like fans, the iconic American Pie star is also irritated by Karen.

Coolidge Wants to Punish Karen in The Watcher Season 2

The 61-year-old star plays the role of the vindictive real estate agent Karen. She sells the Brannocks’ home and purchases it for herself later when the family is left with no choice but to put it back on the market due to the series of terrors.

Although she has proven herself that she’s not The Watcher, she’s still guilty of backstabbing her friend, Nora (Naomi Watts), when she turns on the family when they need her for help.

That said, Coolidge, herself wants Karen to face the consequences of her actions in The Watcher Season 2.

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"I think Karen needs a good slap across the face,” she said when Murphy asked what she wanted to happen to her character via Entertainment Weekly. “I think Karen needs to be punished."

Karen has also experienced the horrors in the house, but those are not yet enough for Coolidge.

"I think Karen's gotten away with a lot," she added.

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Will There be The Watcher Season 2

Netflix has yet to renew The Watcher for a second season, and there are also doubts if the show can continue.

The series is based on a true story, first seen in New York Magazine in 2018. So, the coming of The Watcher Season 2 still depends on if there’s more story left to tell.

The police and private detectives have held several investigations to find the so-called The Watcher but to no avail. No one has been found until today.

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So, without a proper ending to the case, the story is left open, and any further developments may result in new episodes.

The first season final showed Karen running away from 657 Boulevard, screaming after seemingly encountering The Watcher. However, in real life, no one has identified The Watcher.

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