The Walking Dead EP Reveals How the Planned Rick Grimes Trilogy Turns Into a Spinoff Series

Credit: Screenshot

Credit: Screenshot

The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed how the planned trilogy movie featuring Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) story turned into a spinoff series, Rick and Michonne.

AMC announced three Rick-centric movies would be in development after Lincoln left the show in The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 5. However, the films got cancelled, and a new spinoff series that would tell the story of Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) would be made instead.

Greg Nicotero Reveals How the Planned Rick-Centric Movie Became a Spinoff

Rick and Michonne will reveal what happened to Rick after being captured by the CRM. It will also explore Michonne’s journey as she tries to find him.

So, how does the planned movie turn out to be a spinoff? Nicotero revealed on Den of Geek’s Talking Strange podcast that the trilogy’s production didn’t work out, though the scripts were already written.

“Several iterations of the [movie] script flew around, and it just ended up not coming to fruition,” he said. “The idea of doing a Rick Grimes show popped up a year and a half ago probably.”

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However, at the time, nobody believed it would happen.

“Lo’ and behold, as we get closer, we start realizing, ‘Look, if we’re not going to do the movies, then maybe there’s a show there,” he continued.

From there, The Walking Dead spinoff series, Rick and Michonne, was born.

The Use of the Movie’s Scripts

Nicotero himself revealed there were several iterations of the planned Rick-centric movie were made. Hence, this might be an advantage to the upcoming spinoff.

This just means they have a lot of ideas they want to explore in Rick & Michonne, like Rick’s capture by the CRM.

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In fact, it looks like the franchise is now ready to delve into this part of the story, with Jadis’ (Pollyanna McIntosh), Rick’s captor, returning in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Jadis revealed she gave the CRM “something very valuable,” which might be referring to Rick.

Does this mean CRM see something special about Rick? Surely, this one will also be explored in Rick & Michonne.

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Alternatively, Michonne will be seen looking for Rick as fans learn what Rick is doing in the CRM. By the looks of it, the spinoff will be juggling the two characters’ stories without waiting for years for the first to third movie’s release.

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