The Tinder Swindler Has One Victim Who Claims 'He Had No Idea What He Was Doing' in Bed

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The Netflix hit The Tinder Swindler tells the story of a con artist who calls himself Simon Leviev, who tricked several women into a relationship only to siphon huge amounts of money from them.

After the documentary premiered, one woman from the U.K. claiming to be one of Leviev's victims came out to comment on what it was like to be intimate with The Tinder Swindler himself.

The Tinder Swindler: 'A Total Flop' in Bed, One Woman Said


Recently, a woman from the U.K. came forward to say she, too, had been a victim of Leviev.

Samantha Hales, a 36-year-old mother from Derby, England, claims she met Leviev on the dating app Plenty of Fish in 2012. She told The Sun that they dated for a month and that Leviev claimed to be a Mossad spy and pilot throughout that time.

“He put me up in a five-star hotel in Valencia when I was on holiday there,” Hales said. “He started telling me that he was a part of Mossad. Every time I tried to delve a little bit deeper, he was very shady. He said ‘look I can’t tell you all the details.’”

Hales also alleged that Leviev “was a total flop” in the bedroom.

“He must have really improved his game in the last ten years to get money out of these girls. He couldn’t pull any strokes in the bedroom,” she said.

“He was a total flop. I had to show him the ropes. Even though he had this beautiful charm about him, he was extremely cold when it came to sex. He had no idea what he was doing.”

How Many Women did Simon Leviev Con?


The Tinder Swindler includes three Leviev victims: Cecilie Fjellhøy of Norway, Pernilla Sjöholm of Sweden, and Ayleen Charlotte of the Netherlands. Leviev also scammed people from Finland, Germany, and his own country of Israel.

According to Vanity Fair, the film's director stated that Leviev, 31, had been committing fraud since he was a teenager. As a result, the full list of his victims is unknown.

People all around the world have been attracted by the documentary, and some have questioned how a person could operate in the manner that Leviev did.

If you haven’t watched it yet, go check The Tinder Swinder on Netflix.