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The Simpsons is Surprisingly Open About Disney Being Their Corporate Overlords

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While comic book fans like to think the movie rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four were Disney's biggest gets from Fox, other people would say properties like The Simpsons and Alien are far more valuable. Fans were a little worried about our favorite yellow family moving to Disney+ since that would mean less shade being thrown at the House of Mouse. It seems like the promo video above has put those worries to rest.

Surprisingly enough, the first Disney+ promo from the series is completely open about being owned by a corporate overlord. No joke, the video above has Homer egging his family to wear Mickey Mouse hats while statues of Darth Vader and Bob Iger are present in the background. Yeah, it's not exactly the same cutting edge jokes that this show used to make in the ‘90s but it's better than no form of acknowledgment.

It is nice seeing Disney let other properties talk about how evil they are, because, well, it's true. Other forms of media, like Kingdom Hearts, tend to romanticize Disney properties and make them look like pure being with no hate or darkness in them, so this little promo is great for exploring that alone.

Let's hope Deadpool joins in on the fun if/when his next movie comes out.

The Simpsons will only stream on Disney+ when it comes out on November 12. Does anyone still watch the series? Are you one of the many people who call it Zombie Simpsons? Let us know in the comments below.

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