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The Sandman Star Gwendoline Christie Says 'It’s Fun To Be Awful’ as Lucifer

One of the coolest things about the upcoming Sandman series is undoubtedly the casting of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer. Although there was some backlash at first, the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix series has proven that the Game of Thrones actor is absolutely perfect for the role. So it's no surprise that Christie is gushing about her part and claiming that "it’s fun to be awful!"

Gwendoline Christie's casting as Lucifer in The Sandman was an interesting one considering that Netflix already has an existing Lucifer in Tom Ellis. However, Neil Gaiman has since explained that it was important to recast the character for the new show.

Since then, people have accepted and embraced the new Lucifer and Gwendoline Christie tells Empire she was delighted when co-showrunner Allen Heinberg reached out to her for the role.

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“I was so thrilled Allen asked me to play Lucifer, because it is a grandiose part,” Christie said. “There are few castings that can supersede that – maybe God, whatever that is! Also, it’s fun to be awful.”

Amazingly, Christie admitted she was confident about taking the role because her previous work had already proven she was fully capable of playing such a character.

“Neil clarified that Lucifer is a fallen angel, and that an angel doesn’t have gender at all,” she explained. “And I can play androgynous. We know that from Game Of Thrones, due to the way I look. So I hope that has helped in the portrayal of the character.”

We're loving the confidence and seeing Lucifer (albeit briefly) in The Sandman trailer pretty much confirms that Christie has nailed the role. With that in mind, we can't wait to see more of Lucifer later this year.

The Sandman is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on August 5, 2022.

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