The Sandman: Netflix TUDUM Teaser Reveals First Look at Tom Sturridge's Dream

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

It's been a grueling wait for diehard comic book fanatics who have been dying to get their first taste of the live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman's dark fantasy comic series The Sandman and while we're still left in the dark regarding the show's actual premiere date, the streaming giant is making up for it by releasing the first official clip for the series which is based on the popular DC Comics title which ran from 1989 until 1996.

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Credit: Netflix

Before the unveiling of the clip, Gaiman, who also serves as executive producer of The Sandman appeared during the upcoming show's virtual panel along with lead star Tom Sturridge to hype it up. Gaiman proudly said that the anticipated series will almost make fans feel like they're watching something that was taken straight out of the pages of the cult favorite DC comic and judging by the first teaser, it totally looks like it!

The clip is pretty straightforward and features a group of mortal men summoning "The Lord of Dreams" from his imprisonment. They ultimately succeed in freeing him and what we see next is a haunting and uber terrifying image of the titular character. Check out the astonishing first look at The Sandman below:

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I gotta say, even though it's still a little too early to tell how the live-action adaptation compares to its source material, The Sandman is already looking pretty promising. However, I'm honestly a bit intrigued with the decision to not have Sturridge resemble Dream's comic book appearance. You see, in the comics, Dream is depicted as a bleach-skinned enigma with dark eyes. In the series, he seems to be more human-like but still, Tom is looking pretty menacing.

No official release date has been announced for Netflix's The Sandman.

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