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The Lion King: Lion Guard Series Reveals How Scar Got His Scar

Despite what critics are saying, Disney's The Lion King is a box office hit, and the film has already surpassed a billion in the box office. Though it's a kids' series, the Lion King canon manages to expand with The Lion Guard show, and the series is apparently going to reveal how Scar got his, well, scar.

This was just posted by Disney TV:

While a lot of people think that it was Mufasa that injured Scar, the early novelization A Tale of Two Brothers had Scar (then named Taka) injured during a buffalo attack that he somehow orchestrated in a way to look more "kingly" than Mufasa. He gets injured and names himself Scar as a reminder of his mistake.

For now, it looks like Disney is dropping that canon with The Lion Guard, and it's revealed that he was actually in the possession of the "Roar of the Elders" before it was taken from him because, surprise surprise, he wanted to rule the Pride Lands instead of Mufasa.

I don't really know how strict Disney is when it comes to this Lion Guard canon, but I'm sure a lot of fans would love this expansion to the lore. I personally think it kind of gives fuel to the theory that Scar is a gay lion, seeing that he's "seduced" by another evil lion in the show. I also thought it was a hint that everyone thought the royal bloodline had ended with Simba, even though Scar was a capable male.

Then again, it's just a theory.

Catch The Lion King now in theaters.

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