The Golden Spoon Episode 1 Recap: BTOB Yook Sungjae Acquires A Golden Spoon That Can Change His Fate

Credit: Disney Plus Korea/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Disney Plus Korea/YouTube Screenshot

The Golden Spoon has finally released its episode 1. Based on a webtoon of the same name, The Golden Spoon depicts the life adventure story of a young man born in a poor family who acquires a golden spoon that makes the person who uses it to change fate with a friend born in a rich family. The MBC Kdrama stars BTOB Sungjae, DIA Jung Chaeyeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yeonwoo.

The Golden Spoon Episode 1 aired on September 23, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 1 received a nationwide viewership rating of 5.4%.

Here is a The Golden Spoon Episode 1 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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The Golden Spoon Episode 1 Recap

The Golden Spoon Episode 1 sees Seungcheon working several part-time jobs to save enough money. He is born in a poor family, where his father is jobless, his mother is a waitress, and his sister is an intern. Although he studies in a prestigious school, he is bullied by his classmates because he is not of the same social status as them.

Seungcheon has a friend named Jinseok, who also shares the same fate as him. Jinseok visits him while on a part-time job in a convenience store. Because his friend is busy with his job, he just comes and greets him.

Not giving much attention to the sudden suspicious gesture of his friend, Seungcheon ended his shift in the convenience store and immediately returned home. He falls asleep while working on his homework.

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Yook Sungjae Swears To Survive Despite His Unfortunate Life In The Golden Spoon Episode 1

The next day, Seungcheon rushes to Jinseok's home after reading the cryptic text he received last night. Through the text message, Jinseok thanks Seungcheon for everything. And it was enough for Seungcheon to realize his friend's decision.

Seungcheon is greeted by an ambulance siren, with the medical staff bringing out bodies from the house. He notices one body covered in white cloth wearing the shoes that Jinseok had shown him last night.

Tears fell from his eyes when he uncovered the body, seeing Jinseok's lifeless state. Seungcheon promises to do his best to survive and not submit to his cruel fate.

He endures his classmates' bullying, even when he is being beaten up, because he knows that he will be the only one who will suffer the most if he gives in.

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Yook Sungjae Comes Across A Golden Spoon In The Golden Spoon Episode 1

The Golden Spoon Episode 1 also highlights Seungcheon acquiring a golden spoon from a weird old lady he saw while travelling to Taeyong's home. It is said to grant the user a chance to swap parents with a friend from whom he eats three meals using the spoon.

Although unsure whether it is true, Seungcheon uses the golden spoon to eat a meal in Taeyong's home, along with their other rich classmates. He then manages to be close with Taeyong when he offers help with a business report he is supposed to submit to his father.

When Seungcheon had thought Taeyong had become his friend, the latter betrayed him when he came to their school to report a threatening act. Taeyong was pressured by his father to get rid of Seungcheon when he found out he was writing the business reports.

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In danger of being expelled, Seungcheon barges into Taeyong's home to see his father. He musters his courage and asks for a meal. If Taeyong's father lets him eat in their house, it will be the third time, which will test whether the golden spoon is a way for Seungcheon to live a comfortable life of his own.

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