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The Crow Reboot Back on Track with It's Bill Skarsgard Attached to Star

For years, there have been many attempts to do a reboot of The Crow with several actors and directors attached at one point including Aquaman star Jason Momoa. Since the last iteration of the project was temporarily put on pause, a lot have been wondering if the reboot is still going to happen despite the many failed attempts. Now, it looks like it still has a life after all these years as they have found a new actor to star in the potential film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Skarsgard, known for playing Pennywise in the It films and Kro in Eternals, has been cast to play Eric Draven in The Crow reboot. Ghost in the Shell director Rupert Sanders is helming the film. King Richard writer Zach Baylin wrote the screenplay. Edward R. Pressman and Malcolm Gray are producing.

In case you're not familiar with The Crow, it originated as a supernatural superhero comic book series created by James O'Barr and first published in 1989. It centers on Eric Draven, a man who is on a revenge mission after he and his fiancee were assaulted and the latter killed by a gang. He was resurrected by a crow and decided to exact revenge on those behind his fiancee's death.

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The comic series was first adapted to the big screen in 1994 which is directed by Alex Proyas and starred Brandon Lee, who died during production after he was fatally wounded on set by a prop gun. The film was a success and gained a strong cult following. There were subsequent sequels that followed, but none of them attained the same success as the first one.

Skarsgard is definitely a great casting choice for Eric Draven. As he has proven in a lot of different roles that he did in the past, he is a talented actor who can play a dark character like in this film. While the previous iterations of the reboot ended up being put on hold, it looks like this one is actually going to happen since they are already deep in pre-production and it is set to start filming this June in Prague and Munich in a $50 million budget.

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There is no release date set yet for The Crow reboot.

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