The Boys Showrunner Reveals The Disturbing Scene in Herogasm Episode That Concerned Amazon

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Last Friday, the third season of The Boys unveiled the highly-anticipated "Herogasm" episode which is certainly their most raunchy and disturbing hour to date as it pushed the boundaries of what can be shown on television with the orgy sequence. While the episode contained a lot of graphic scenes that they got away with it, there was one particular moment that initially concerned Amazon.

In an interview with TVLine, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that, out of all the graphic moments that happened in the recent episode, it was the intimate scene between The Deep and the octopus that had the higher-ups at Amazon concerned due to the company's policy against bestiality.


"For some crazy reason, Standards has a policy against bestiality. They’re so uptight, really," Kripke said. "The discussion of that scene and how we pulled off that scene actually triggered a lot of alarm bells at a lot of different levels at Amazon because you’re not supposed to show people f*cking animals, and I get it."

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He continued, "But my pitch to them was always like it’s so absurd [that] it wouldn’t be out of place in a Farrelly brothers movie. So it’s hard to call it prurient bestiality. It’s ridiculous. To my knowledge, I don’t even think octopi have orifices down there. So there was a lot of discussion of like what are the shots, and what can we do and what can we get away with?"

As we all know now, the scene ended up making it in the episode and, while it was a shocking and disturbing moment, it didn't condone the act of bestiality which is probably why Amazon approved it even though it is not something that their policy would usually go to.

Even though that particular moment raised some eyebrows at Amazon, none of their other graphic scenes were cut by the streamer for being too risque. If anything, Kripke said there were ideas during the entire sequence that didn't end up happening due to time and budget. He also assured that there were several intimacy coordinators on set during filming to make sure that everyone involved in front of the camera will be protected.

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It would be curious to see whether there is more craziness that the series has in store for the rest of the season after what they've shown in "Herogasm." The next episode will release on Prime Video this coming Friday.