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The Boys Season 3: There Might Be A New Vought Baddie Worse Than Homelander

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Credit: JoBlo Streaming & TV Trailers/YouTube

The Boys: Diabolical introduces a whole new breed of superhumans to a fictitious realm already bursting at the seams with colorfully deranged characters. However, a Vought villain who could've been a terrific addition to The Boys Season 3 was entirely wasted by the show.

The Boys Season 3 Hint Appears in Diabolical

Even if certain stories have a closer relationship to the main program than others, The Boys: Diabolical resides in the same universe as Amazon's The Boys.

Laser Baby's Day Out is one of the most recent fragmented chapters. This Looney Tunes homage appears inside known TV continuity, as seen by pictures of the Seven strewn about Vought's cartoon HQ, but the narrative itself is fully standalone.

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Simon, a Vought scientist, develops an attachment with a young Compound-V subject who must learn to manage her laser vision before being adopted. Laser Baby is scheduled for termination when she failed her test, but Simon busts her out to save her.

Superbrain Appears But Gets Killed Off

Superbrain, a villain not yet seen in Amazon's The Boys, blocks Simon and Laser Baby's route to freedom. This Vought supe has a ridiculously large head to match his flowing purple cape, as the name suggests.

Superbrain is a higher-ranking member of Vought's staff, with significant telekinetic abilities that allow him to hover and hurl steel beams at the same time. He is in charge of deciding whether juvenile test subjects live or die.

However, Superbrain gets an impromptu lobotomy from Laser Baby's devastating eye beams, causing the villain's brain to sag wetly from its owner's skull.

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Will Superbrain Apper in The Boys Season 3?

If The Boys: Diabolical is favorably received by fans, The Boys Season 3 might, of course, find a way to incorporate Superbrain into live-action. Laser Baby's Day Out doesn't say anything about Superbrain's brain, so might Vought patch him back together in a new body? Of course, they could.

Whatever your thoughts are on Superbrain's potential for live-action, it will be interesting to see whether any characters from Diabolical make it to the upcoming The Boys Season 3.

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