The Boys Season 3 Producers Were Not Looking To Cast Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy Actor Reveals

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Though Supernatural and The Boys share the same creator in Eric Kripke, it did not guarantee Jensen Ackles the Soldier Boy role, according to the actor himself. He eventually bagged the role in The Boys Season 3, but he had to work for it.

The Boys Season 3: Jensen Wasn’t Even an Option for Soldier Boy

Kripke may be the showrunner of The Boys, but he still reports to Amazon and Sony Pictures Television. Ackles revealed that they have other plans for Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3.


“This was something that the studio, that Sony was talking to some much bigger names than me and wanted to bring in for Season 3,” Ackles said on Inside of You. “Eric was like, ‘Look, I know you can do this but we’re going to have to convince the powers. You’re going to have to put yourself on tape.’ I was like, ‘Great, I’ll do that.’”

The Supernatural alum also talked about how hard he worked to get the part:

“It wasn’t just like ‘Hey, we want to bring you on for season three,’ I had to earn it.”

What Fans Expect from Jensen Ackles’ Character in The Boys Season 3

When The Boys Season 3 arrives in June, fans will witness how effectively Ackles depicts Soldier Boy. However, the actor has already posted a photo of himself in costume on Twitter. Already, we can say he looks the part.

Ackles revealed the character's introduction, as well as what viewers may expect from Soldier Boy's storyline, saying: “I’m bearded and I look like Cast Away. But then they clean me up, and I get my superhero outfit back on and I go to town.”

With Soldier Boy returning to work, it's safe to presume he'll clash with Homelander. And Ackles has already revealed that his character in the series will be "a jacka**." He also hinted that he would return for Season 4 — implying that the Supernatural star could become a permanent presence in The Boys.


The Boys Season 3 will premiere on June 3. The first three episodes will be released then, with the next five episodes following every Friday. However, before the new season, the animated anthology series The Boys: Diabolical will premiere on Prime Video on March 4, with all eight episodes available at once.