The Boys Pokes Fun at Morbius' Failed Re-Release

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The hit Prime Video series The Boys has been praised for its satirical take on the superhero genre and commentary about the current events. They have also lampooned the comic book movies that we know and love whether it's the Snyder Cut or the popular fan theory on how Ant-Man should have beat Thanos. Now, the series has poked fun at a move that a recent comic book movie did.

The official Twitter account of The Boys' Vought International poked fun at the recent re-release of Morbius which ended up becoming a box office flop. The series lampooned their move by announcing that the in-universe movie Dawn of the Seven is getting a re-release and encourages the fans by using the code "ITS-MAEVIN-TIME" (their spin on "It's morbin' time) to get a discount.


You can check the tweet below:


This is yet again another example of The Boys mocking the current state of comic book movies. This time around, they are lampooning the failed re-release of Morbius recently which was caused by the film being a subject of memes and jokes online. Sony's decision to re-release was laughed at by fans as they are convinced that the studio did not understand why the film became trending.

It is hilarious to see the series poking fun at recent events in comic book movies and their joke towards Morbius was a success as it garnered more than 22,000 likes. At this point, we should expect more similar tweets like this in the near future whenever there's another event that will happen in the comic book movie world.

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New episodes of The Boys premiere every Friday on Prime Video. You can check where to watch Morbius online here.