The Boys' Homelander Actor Arrested in Spain Over Drunken Assault

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Credit: Amazon Prime

Anthony Starr is already no stranger to the world of acting but it can't be denied that the New Zealand star's biggest break yet came in the form of Amazon Prime's hit superhero series The Boys where he plays let's just say a more punchable version of Captain America. Despite his vile and despicable acts as Homelander, Starr comes across as a pretty laid-back guy behind the camera and would even oftentimes interact with his fans on social media.

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Credit: Amazon Prime

This is why it comes as a major shocker that the 46-year-old actor was apparently arrested in Spain following a drunken incident. UK news outlet Mirror reports that Starr was apprehended following a physical altercation with a 21-year-old chef at a local bar in Alicante. The complainant, Bathuel Araujo claims that a "very drunk" Starr smacked him and smashed a glass into his face. He tells local authorities: "After he punched me I was dizzy and that’s when he hit me with the glass by his left eyebrow."

The commotion reportedly continued outside the bar and after Starr was kicked out, he allegedly threatened Araujo and said: "You don’t know who you’ve messed with, you don’t know who I am and what you’ve done. You’ve committed the mistake of your life and I’m going to look for you. I want to kill you."

Starr is in Spain filming an action movie with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal and director Guy Ritchie. Starr reportedly spent two nights in jail and was sentenced to 12 months in prison but the actor can avoid charges via a fine.

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As it stands, Anthony has yet to formally address the matter but something as scandalous as this could definitely put his job in jeopardy. Sure, it's basically life imitating art as Homelander is an everyday jerk but that doesn't mean Starr has any right to threaten someone else's life.

Meanwhile, The Boys Season 3 has yet to get a release date.